Belly Bands! (and a giveaway)!

Jake’s body is so odd.  When it comes to clothes or jackets, he needs a Large or XL in the neck and chest area but he needs a S or M for body length. He’s the biggest, little dog around.  When it came time to get him belly bands, the sizing struggle was so real.

His body measurements for belly bands suggest he’s a Large.  But it’s a tight Large so once you add a pad of some sort, it’s cutting off his circulation.  No bueno.  But an XL won’t stay on. Equally as bad. Plus, most of the belly bands we tried either didn’t/couldn’t harness ‘little porn star Jake’ or the velcro closure was too heavy and his back couldn’t hold up under the weight. The months of trialing belly bands left me with so much pee on the floor and not much wine left in the bottle. If it were not for Jen at Sirius Republic, I’m not sure where Jake I would be. Jen got word of my plight.  She wrote to me ‘I think I can help’. I read those words over and over and then I squealed knowing that my village had grown in the greatest of ways!  The struggle was over!  The pee was contained!  Yay us!

Jen made us CUSTOM BELLY BANDS!  Custom, made just for Jake and his Kim Kardashian body! Best part, they are super cute! if you are going to contain pee, you should at least look good.  For almost two years now, Jen has been sending us belly bands (I call them sanity panties) and now…


They are now available to all the peoples with all the boy dogs who need them! (Sorry girls, your bands are a bit too complicated). Click here to see the supermodel in them and to order your very own! I cannot stress enough how incredible the bands are and how well they work.  Just like with anything, custom fit always wins! Jen’s got’s lots of waterproof fabrics to choose from, build your collection today!

I use washable pads inside our belly bands (these).  If you go the washable pad route, you’ll need to add a few inches to your measurements with Jen because the pads add some bulk.  If you go the sanitary pad route, you can just do the true measurements.

Since we love Sirius Republic so much and we love you guys so much, tell us about your dog that could use one of these bands (in the comments below) and we will pick a lucky winner to get one for free!

Here is a peek at our newest additions, and of course, the supermodel!  IMG_6219 IMG_6091 IMG_4119 IMG_3904 IMG_2445 IMG_2018 IMG_9697


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  1. My old boy has had to start wearing a belly band over the summer. He tries so hard to make it to the door. He would love to be more stylish as he gets older.

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