Houdini Jake.

For a dog that can’t walk very well, Jake makes up for it with magic.

He used to be able to jump up onto the couch but now he needs me to air lift him.  The funny part is that he still wants to do the jumping motion so I need to be on my game because ready or not, he’s leaping and if I’m not ready, he crashes into the side of the couch and flips over.  Lesson: if you can’t do something and need assistance, you can still pretend you can do it and that no one is actually helping you.  Just be sure your invisible helper is ready.

Once on the couch, he can do this to himself with the blanket.  I’m never really sure how he does it, I’ll come into the room and find him this way or look over and be like ‘whaaattttt?????’.

IMG_6257 IMG_6245 IMG_6248 IMG_4710 IMG_2372 IMG_2309 IMG_1304 IMG_1214 IMG_0189 IMG_9596 photo 2

Jake is next to Melvin in this one.  photo[2] 11 13 13c

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