An update on MRSA Joe

In cased you missed how Jake got the new nickname MRSA Joe, that post can be found HERE.

The infection is not worse, so that is great!  I think it might even be a tad better. We are using a topical antibiotic to combat the MSRP.

The topical works best if the areas where he has the infection gets shaved (except for his paws, he has the infection there too but we don’t shave his precious feet). The funny part, yes, there is always a funny part in our lives, is that it’s sorta hard to tell the infection parts from his ‘cow spots’.  You see, Jake has some cow spots (this is my highly technical term for them, I have no idea what they are called. Maybe giant, mutant freckles?) they are just normal spots on his skin that he swears make him even more sexy. The infection patches are raised just the tiniest bit and dry but with his coarse hair, it’s hard to be 100% sure when shaving. So when we went back in for a re-shave, a few of those got shaved (accidentally) this time too.

He has about six shaved, infected patches at this point, so move over Bieber, Jake has the coolest cut now.

Here is an infection spot on his sideIMG_6704

And here is an example of not being sure! The top, big spot is infection, the lower little spots are his cow gang-markings. IMG_6705


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