Lily pads.

Jake and hardwood floors no longer jive.  Getting the house carpeted is not happening (dude leaks pee 24/7 and even the best diapers in the world fail every now and then and it’s easier to replace area rugs).  So my solution, lily pads.

I mean he eats frogs. Why not be one.

The lily pads help him maneuver at a more upright position.  He may knuckle, his legs may not be at all steady, but he can still stand for a bit on the pads and that helps lesson his frustration and muscle strain.

So if you come to our home (and you are always welcome) you should know that the random floor carpets and yoga mats are supposed to be there. Although many ask ‘did you mean to drop this yoga mat right here, in the foyer?’.  This has been a hard transition for the interior decorator that lives inside my soul.  Love is better than decorating. (I chant that daily).

Jake hops from surface to surface, just like in the game Frogger.  And sometimes, when on the small patch of hardwood, or if he veers off course because he sees food in the kitchen, it is truly as if a car runs him over.  SPLAT! (the good news is that these patches are helping him learn to drag).

Why do you keep calling me a yogi? I’m a frog-dog. IMG_7061


The path from foyer to fireplace.IMG_7063


The trip to the mudroom (behind the couch option).IMG_7069


The trip to the mudroom – shortcut option. IMG_7066


We have the same set-up upstairs for my little frogger. IMG_6124


14 thoughts on “Lily pads.

  1. Oh my dog, Jake looks just adorable as a frog! I love his outfit! Hope this works good for him! Live you guys! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. We had to do something similar with Lainey during her two year stint of continuous leg surgeries. My OCD self nearly died! But, I would do it all over again.

    Lucky for you, at least you have nice looking rugs/mats. We had to use that cushion type grey industrial flooring from Lowes. I don’t know how the interior decorator in me survived for that long.

  3. You’re the best dog mom ever. We just added treads to our wood stairs so the dogs don’t go crashing into the wall on the way down. Hopefully the humans won’t trip on the new treads. 😉

    • I am very familiar with the treads! It’s life changing. We are on our 2nd stair runner (in four years) because Melvin took the steps like a beast and Jake drags! Oh the things we do…

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