Storm Prep.

We have food. We have adult beverages.  We have a snowblower and a generator.  I am a planner.  We were good to go on Tuesday.

Melvin loved the snow.  LOVED.  He would bounce and bound through it and eat it up! There were a few storms that I had to dig a path for him, but he worked really hard at forging forward in it no matter what the height of the drift. Some of our favorite walks were at night after a snow when the streets were empty and all was quiet and white!

Jake is the polar opposite. See what I did there with ‘polar’?  If I open the back door for potty and Jake hears dew forming on the grass during Spring, he won’t go out.  He has some internal dampness gauge and if it senses moisture, he about faces and ‘runs’ and hides.

If you see Jake in any snow photos, it’s because I picked him up inside and literally set him into the snow.  There is no leading him with food, no dragging.  He is not falling for it.  Being tossed is the only chance of his body making contact with snow.

Thus, the biggest preparation for Jake and the blizzard is to be sure his diapers and his cloth diaper inserts are clean. Check!

It is 12:50 in Northern Virginia and the snow has started! Stay tuned for Jake versus the elements!

Some past snow photos…

Tossed into it! (safely!) 3 19 14a

He may have been part St. Bernard. 3 19 14

Back in the day when Jake could go on walks and I was big on them wearing matching jackets and snoods! photo[3]

8 thoughts on “Storm Prep.

  1. Ray seems to like snow too. He romps around in freshly fallen snow then stands in the yard with a foot in the air because it’s cold and it hurts but it’s so much fun. Julius doesn’t love the snow or the cold but he is like that meme where the dog say’s his mommy loves him so much she buys him a sweater and the cat in the sweater looks like he’s about to murder someone. Yeah, that one. Julius loves being bundled up.

  2. Awwwww, seeing Melvin and Jake walking with Melvin melted my heart. No chance of a quick snow melt, so I’m happy to hear you’re prepared . . . especially the adult beverages. 😉 Stay warm!

  3. I saw a great idea, lay a tarp or mat out. Then pick it up for potty time and it’ll just be grass! No snow underneath! He might like that.
    Hooray for adult beverages!! Stay warm and safe!

  4. Looking forward to your next update. How is Jake holding up? Envying you from the brown Idaho desert (want to trade places for a few days?)

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