Back outside.

The snow finally melted and Jake has been back in the yard for several days now.  There are a couple challenges to that much snow and Jake.

  1. The snow was too high for Jake to get into.  It was more like a wall.
  2. Jake hates snow so even if it was low enough, he is not romping through it.
  3. Our street was not on the ‘get plowed regularly’ schedule so we had one lane and super narrow sidewalk space.  It was either not safe or not possible to get his stroller out.

But now we have more grass than snow and Jake is loving his outdoor freedom again. Apparently, during the storm, Jake got super powers.  The snow has given way to new scents, which Jake breathes in with his whole body.  So much so that a few times he has been sniffing a spot, he is smelling so hard that his hind legs leave the ground and he is in a modified hand stand.  TRUE STORY!  The first few times I was shocked and didn’t have my phone. Ever since I started taking my phone out to record it, he refuses to do it.

I’m not sure what his super hero name should be. Handstand man?  Is that a powerful name?

I am starting to think he gathers his powers from the fireplace.  That would explain why he stares intently at it whether its on or off. IMG_7161

“Jake, I am your father. Go do a handstand”. IMG_7210

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