When the decision was made that Jake could no longer use his wheelchair, I had the normal reaction, put it in the corner and suppress the disappointment.

But that wheelchair kept calling out ‘someone needs me, do the right thing’.  So I reached out to Jake’s rescue and I asked if there were any alumni they knew of that REALLY needed a cart.  They had someone in mind and I reached to that little-big cow dog’s mom.  When she asked me how much I wanted for the cart, I explained that we really wanted to her guy to have it. The only thing we asked in return is that they pay it forward one day.

So last week I loaded it up with instruction (when that cart came I had zero idea how to get Jake in it so that instruction step was crucial) and I carried it out the door and put it in my car.  I stopped at UPS, grabbed the cart and walked in.

That is the exact moment that all the oxygen left the world. I was standing in UPS, there was no oxygen and I started hyperventilating, bawling and then out of nowhere came a honking sound from my body. I panicked (or perhaps terrified myself), turned to run out, ran into the man standing behind me (the wheelchair rammed into him) and somehow made it out the door with a bunch of voices yelling behind me ‘ma’am, are you ok?’

Oh sure, I always honk like a donkey, things are great.  Instead I yelled back, ‘I have nothing to mail’.  (HAHAHAHAH, I have nothing to mail, classic response. That totally makes the situation more normal.)

I got into my car, drove to a side street and parked. What the hell had just happened? I made a few calls to people who could talk me back into some realm of sanity.

I looked over at the wheelchair.

Sending the cart made Jake’s cancer too real for a moment. 

It’s OK to be human. Just breathe.

I did a few other errands. At one point I realized that UPS probably had security cameras so I just prayed that I was not currently trending on You Tube. I eventually went back and mailed the wheelchair. The people at UPS could not have been nicer, they took one look at the notes and said ‘seems like this cart is being sent with a lot of love’. It most certainly is. Love will live on in that cart.

The wheelchair is on its way to Oliver and he is going to rock the hell out of that cart and his mom will hopefully breathe some relief when she sees him take off in it. There is something really special that happens when your mobility challenged dog gets his wheels and is suddenly no longer hindered at all.  Jake and Oliver have similar spinal issues and they just happen to be the two biggest Frenchies in the world so the size should be perfect.

We had a great weekend, Jake is snoring in the next room and luckily for him he has a great replacement wheelchair, her name is Tracey. All is good here.


Why did you honk like a donkey at UPS? I’m embarrassed. IMG_9050

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  1. Bless your heart! I can totally see myself having that same reaction. Bless you for spreading the love and the joy.

  2. Honking and crying with you… Hugs, hugs, big, teary, honking hugs.

    And, because our lies are weirdly, wonderfully parallel: We did the same thing with Lukey’s harness. The receptionist at our vet’s office emailed me asking for a recommendation because her dog was having the same surgery, so we just passed it onto her. When she wanted to write a check, we said just give it to whoever needs it next.

    So much love to you, dear Tracey.

    • Giving back is healing. And i love the idea of these items traveling around bringing joy to wonky and three legged dogs! It’s like our boys are on a mission of love!

  3. Oh. My. God. As I read this at the lunch table with my friends/coworkers, I started tearing up. I thought oh crap I’m going to cry right here and now. Then you honked and i burst out in cry/laugh! I spit apple all over myself and almost choked. This was heartbreaking and hysterical at once. I had to read this out loud and has everyone else on the verge of tears and laughing hysterically! I love you so much for being who you are. Thank you.

    • PLEASE DON’T CHOKE!!! But you spitting your apple in our honor is pretty friggen awesome! I am full on laughing about it now. Laughter is the way to go!

  4. Oh Tracey…I cried like a baby and laughed like a fool all at the same time! My husband is looking at me like I’m crazy….so I had to read it to him too, he’s not a man to show emotion and it made him cry and laugh too. Thank you for sharing your honking and for helping yet another sweet soul! I have a truly deep respect and love for you, you are such an amazing women! Big honking hugs to you and Jake…kisses and ear scratches baby boy!

  5. Oh my… honking in public… I can honestly say I’ve been there and I hope there weren’t cameras to catch me either.

    You’ve got such a big heart! I know it wasn’t easy, but sharing with Oliver and his family was such a wonderful thing. Love really is living on in the cart!

  6. Reality sneaks up on us in the most unexpected ways – and at the most unexpected times! I guarantee that you are not the only one with a UPS episode story. Bless them and their kindness…and you, and yours, for ensuring another dog’s happiness.

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