Rugs, they come and go.

Dogs have accidents.  You clean up and move on. Jake is a master of escaping his diaper or the diaper fails or meatballs pop out of his butt.  All of these things happen several times a day. I clean up and move on.

Despite having a 14-point clean-up process for every accident, sometimes it comes time to let rugs go. In three years, I’ve lost count of the number of rugs that Jake has killed ruined sent packing. Recently, it was one of our favorites. A high pile, thick shag carpet that was really never supposed to be ‘for Jake’ but in a pinch, I had to relocate Shaggy to an area so that Jake could move from kitchen to couch. As it turns out, Shaggy was ‘let go’ not due to accidents (although there were a few), but because Jake realized Shaggy was REALLY good at holding his peanut butter Kongs steady while he licked the good stuff out and she went from being white to being sticky and orange.

Note to all: peanut butter in a high-pile shag rug does not come out, regardless of how many cleaning products you use.

So we said goodbye.  Jake was pretty upset.  He spent two days sitting by her side before she finally made it to the curb.

Farewell, Shaggy.  And like all the others that came before you…I’m sorry.

Why are you doing this to us?IMG_9039

Try to unfold yourself, Shaggy. I need your softness on my body. IMG_9033

I don’t know why she keeps saying ‘this is a first world problem Jake’. Just ignore her.IMG_9037

14 thoughts on “Rugs, they come and go.

  1. Awwww, I love him trying to get the rug back in the last picture. #TrueLove Side note, area rugs are EXPENSIVE. Do you have some sort of secret purchasing tip to share with the class? (I love our new hardwood floors, Daisy is NOT A FAN, so I’m trying to compromise and finding it hard on the budget.)

  2. I have to admit, I’ve always wondered how your rugs look so immaculate in pictures. I didn’t realize it’s probably a different rug each time lol. We had a very similar ivory thick pile rug that succumbed to peanut butter and dirty paws. I was sad to see it go and had to replace it with a darker color that hides things better. I miss the ivory but fool myself into thinking the navy blue is actually peanut butter-free since I can’t see it! Thanks for the laughs with these captions.

    • Some of them have a longer shelf life than others. Like the one under the couch has been there for two years. Everyone says I’m crazy to have white rugs but the truth is, I need to be able to see the stain and then see it gone to be sure I got it all! It’s not that way with dogs who tend to ‘go’ outside but with Jake, the first defense in cleaning up is knowing there was a breach!

  3. How about if you cut Shaggy into smaller squares that would fit into a washer, but still fulfill the kong issue? I am known for washing things that aren’t supposed to be washable. Delicate is the best setting, but it sometimes takes twice through. Shaggy is probably gone now, but maybe it’s an option for Shaggy Jr.?

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