Oncology check-up.

Jake got diagnosed with spinal cancer and a nerve sheath tumor four months ago. I cannot decide if it feels like four-months, if it feels longer or if time is flying by.  I guess mostly, it feels like four months.

We had an oncology appointment this week. For the most part, Jake is doing great! He has maintained his weight (thank you home cooked diet and peanut butter!).  His mobility has declined (terminal spinal cancer will do that) but his decline has been slow and steady so he has been able to acclimate. He’s comfortable, our pain management approach is working. That last one, is everything.

Jake was always going to be paralyzed in the back, so that part was already (for lack of any control on our part) accepted. Of course it got accelerated by the cancer, but we had already made peace with his mobility plight. And he’s still perplexing the medical community, which I love doing, as his cancer leg is changing color and no one knows why!

I asked the Oncologist point-blank (as I do each month)…”You said he’d have three to six months, do you still feel that is the case?”. She said…”I think so”.

It’s odd, but I left that appointment happy.  Sure, Jake has a cancer we can’t treat (the reality) but his slow, steady decline has given him a chance to keep his chin up (the blessing). We are controlling the parts that we can. We are doing it all as right as possible.

Focus on the joy.

A lot of loveliness can occur in a few months. Sure it will feel short when the end comes, but that is the case with all ends, there is just never enough time.

A few human months is about one to two dog years — Jake is going to have an AWESOME dog year or two!!

More peanut butter, please! IMG_9184

15 thoughts on “Oncology check-up.

  1. So happy for the good report! I love you Jake! Hope you have a great week! Tracey, I love the “focus on the joy” it’s an awesome way to look at it!

  2. Sweet Jake is being Jake and stumping his Doc’s with his changing leg color. I’m glad that he’s doing as well as he is. Peanut butter and love are wonder drugs!

  3. I love this! Keeping him pain free, happy, full of peanut butter, and finding joy in every moment! This makes me so happy, even though I know the ending will be sad. I think you should trademark that phrase – I think it applies to every moment in every life!!

  4. I’m glad the visit went well and you are happy with the report.

    I love that Jake is a medical mystery! Just like his big bro Melvin! It’s good to challenge the docs sometime!

    Continued thoughts and prayers on your journey of love, joy, and peanut butter.

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