18 thoughts on “New things are overrated.

  1. At the end it looks like he’s looking right at the camera! Abbey does that sometimes to our cameras and I swear she gives me the “I know you’re watching me” look. He is a bundle of energy but so stinking cute!!

    • Hahahah, they are like Kardashians, always looking at the camera! I think Doug is pulling the ‘sit for a minute so she doesn’t yell ‘stop’ from the other room’!

  2. All that energy how i wish i had at least half. As long as he doesn’t start to destroy the couch you’ll be ok …and the couch too!

      • I do have friends who’ve taught their dogs to jog on treadmills (with little side panels) to keep them fit for competing in various dog sports – or to let them burn off steam when it’s gross outside 🙂

  3. I recognize those zoomies! Our GSD, Sammie, is also a zoomie master. When we lived in our apartment, she had a favorite path between the living room and bedroom. In this house, it seems to be upstairs from the landing to the bed and back again (and again…)!

  4. OK…for whatever reason…I feel like he is listening to (jake) say….”ready, GO”….and then Melvin say …”now …SIT”…..while watching Doug! Oh and I think the pausing near the back of the couch is the boys saying “no, no…there is no yoga mat there, turn around!”. What a bundle of JOY!!!!

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