Doug is the first of a lot of things.

  1. He is my youngest rescue.
  2. He is my first rescue that I know almost nothing about his past.
  3. He is my first mix breed dog.

I’m very curious about his DNA (I want to celebrate all the things that make him Doug), so I ordered a DNA kit, I swabbed his cheeks, he tried to eat the swabs so who knows if there is any DNA left on them. They are sent in and it should take about 2 weeks to get his results back (they have had the swabs for about a week now).

Let’s do a contest to guess Doug’s breed composure!

Here is what I know about him that may help you guess what he is:

  1. At 8 months old, he weighs 45 pounds.  He has a fair amount of puppy skin on him so my guess is he still growing.
  2. He is listed as an English Bulldog mix on his shelter intake papers. I do not know if they know something we don’t or if that was a guess.
  3. If it exists on earth, he wants to put it in his mouth.
  4. VERY energetic.

That’s the extent of my Doug DNA knowledge.

Here is how we play. You guess what breeds make up the Doug. You put them in order of most prevalent to least prevalent (for tie breakers). Whoever guesses the most right breeds and in the closest correct order will win a Sirius Republic gift card.

We’ll do $100 but if there is a tie, you will share the winnings!

Post below in comments or on our Facebook page in the comments of this post. If you would rather keep your vote anonymous you can email us at ohmelvinyojake@gmail.com

Good luck!

Does DNA = Doug Needs Applause? Cause I agree. IMG_0384.jpg


39 thoughts on “DNA

  1. How do you not spend all day kissing that sweet face? And those gorgeous eyes! My guess is Am Staff and English Bulldog. Regardless, he’s 100% adorable!

  2. Boston Terrier
    American Bulldog
    American Staffordshire Terrier
    Yorkshire Terrier (because there’s always something weird in the mix – Boogie has a little Spaniel in his DNA!)

  3. I think pit bull, American bulldog and a little pug. Whatever he is, he is the perfect combo of all of them. Sweet Doug.

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