September 27th – a day for birthdays and life.

September 27th is a very important day for me.

First reason.

Nine years ago on 9/27, blood clots flooded both of my lungs. You only really need one blood clot to kill you so the fact that countless blood clots flooded my lungs and tore my pulmonary artery was not viewed as something that would have a positive outcome. In fact, it was the first time I had heard the term ‘grave prognosis’ spoken so many times. My family was called to come to the hospital, right away.  My poor parents were in South Carolina at the time and drove through the middle of the night, not knowing if I’d still be here when they arrived.

I lived! Yay me!

(True story: the moment I was told I was critical I asked for paper and a pen so I could write out instructions for how the rest of Max’s life should go. Melvin was not mine yet).

Everyone I tell this story to says that day must have been the worst day of your life. Oh no – quite the contrary. It is BY FAR one of the best days of my life.  I survived! I have pretty much been a joy seeker ever since that day.

Second, but most important reason.

September 27th is  Jake’s birthday. In fact, at the exact moment I was being rushed into the emergency room, Jake was being born. As everyone thought I was having my last moments of this life, Jake’s googly-eyes were seeing for the first time.

The same day. The same year.

Jake being born, trumps anything that could ever happen on September 27th. Jake brings me infinite joy.  Living is only part of the story, loving is the real gift. Jake being born saved me in a billion new ways. Jake opened my eyes and my heart to champion the unique and to face struggle with solutions. Jake increased the value of my life and my love, simply by existing. I don’t know who I should thank that he was born, but I’m forever in your debt. I’m forever grateful that his path and my path collided. He was born to be with Melvin and me and I know he felt true love from the day we met.


My heart carries you.

My soul celebrates you.

I miss you. I miss you so much.

I love you.

Happy 9th birthday, bug! You are one of the greatest gifts of this life of mine and I love you forever and ever.

You were mighty, and you were mine.

Here is my birthday post for him from last year, a reminder that time is never a guarantee.

16 thoughts on “September 27th – a day for birthdays and life.

  1. Wow! Even though I only know you through your blog, I for one and so thankful that you beat the odds on September 27. You’ve touched so many human and animal lives with your kindness and joy. And what a powerful connection you and Jake share. That explains so much.

  2. The Universe was good to us all that day. Happy Birthday Sweet Jake and So happy that you’re still with us and such a giver of Joy.

  3. Will you be my life coach? 😉 Your days with Jake were far too few, but you made every single one very, very special. He’s having one super fabulous Rainbow Bridge b’day celebration right this very minute!

  4. Like Wendy, I am also thankful that you are here! I cannot tell you how much your words touch my heart and soul, and also my funny bone! You are a very talented writer and I eagerly look forward to your posts.

    The Universe is an awesome thing. And on that day, it set the course for you and Jake to be together.

    I can’t wait to see what else is in store for you!

    • I love this! I like that as that day was coming together it was said ‘give her blood clots but keep her alive, this crazy eyed dog over here is going to need her; and her him’! Yes, this!

  5. Happy Born Twice day and Jake Sir HAPPY HAPPY Birthday. Your absence from sight makes us sad BUT its only absence for a little while. Jut for now do the Jake thing and keep eyes out for your Mum and goofy little brother

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