Doug and Melvin. Melvin and Doug.

Doug is Doug.  Although my first sight of him screamed Melvin and Jake’s love child, when I met him and decided to adopt him, he was his own dog.  During that first half hour, he didn’t do anything that would lead me to believe that A Dog’s Purpose (best book ever) could be true.

Since living with him for a month, he is still…Doug. There are however, so many things about him that are exactly like Melvin.  Not just things like, he devours his food as fast as Melvin used to, but specific things like:

  • Excitement about the Car: When I met Doug and took him out to my SUV to get in and take him home, he was afraid of the car. I had to pick him up and lift him in. I really thought we were going to have to work on the car since he was afraid to get in and out. The next day, as we exited the garage for a walk and were walking past the SUV, he started to spin with excitement and went right to the back door of the SUV – EXACTLY LIKE MELVIN DID 4,000 TIMES BEFORE WHEN PASSING MY CAR. It’s actually a spin/hop move and Doug has the same form that Melvin had.
  • His exuberance and how he is unable to manage his own joy: EXACTLY LIKE MELVIN. When we are walking to the mudroom to go outside, one door goes the back yard and one goes to the garage (for walks). Doug bounces off of each door, just like Melvin used to, spinning in between bounce (just like Melvin used to) to indicate he does not care which door we use, it’s all going to be great! This exuberance was/is also in their going up and down steps style. Go up a few steps, wiggle with glee, turn to make sure I am coming, repeat, repeat, repeat.  Go down the steps by leaning into my legs and only taking steps when I do but I can’t really take steps because you are pushing me up against the banister and the space you are giving me is smaller than my actual foot and you are hopping due to pending joy implosion.
  • Sitting on my lap: While Melvin never tried to be my backpack, he regularly would crawl onto my lap and put his paws on my shoulders and hug me like a human would. Doug. Does. This. Too! This happens a lot in the purple chair, which I refer to as Melvin’s throne.
  • Bathroom breaks: Doug goes to the bathroom with me (I know a lot of dogs do this) but like Melvin, he knows when I’m going to the bathroom before I indicate where I’m going and runs in ahead of me and sits down before I ever make it in.  Melvin did the very same thing.
  • Nervousness about fall weather: Both Melvin and Doug were/are spooked by blowing leaves and the need to eat the leaves that scarily blow by them. The same exact reaction when one blows by (to freeze and look from leaf to me) then the same action (to pounce the leaf and eat it).
  • To fit their large bodies on a small pillow: exactly the same need and approach.

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No photo of hug-Doug (yet).



Mostly, I’m reminded of Melvin through Doug because both of them are tied (currently) for most unruly dog I have ever had. Of course Melvin grew out of that phase but not before owning it like a boss. Something tells me Doug will be more challenging, but you never know! I think Doug’s mystery 12% DNA is Melvin, with the perfect sprinkle of Jakey.


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P.S. This photo of Jake by the door is one of my favorites because it captures a vulnerability about him that most photos do not.

9 thoughts on “Doug and Melvin. Melvin and Doug.

  1. Happy tears here!

    Oh gosh, I LOVE “A Dog’s Purpose”!! Best book EVER! I am so grateful you posted about it. I just have to read and re-read it constantly! I so want to believe it could be true, and after reading this, I KNOW it is. You are Melvin’s purpose.

  2. I think that Melvin and Jake picked Doug for you because he embodies the sweet, quirky qualities they each brought to your family, as well as his Doug’s own free spirit. They told him that he would be safe with you, no matter how long it took for him to get all of his ya-ya’s out of his system. Even though it’s only been a month, I can see in his eyes, in every picture you’ve shared, you are his person.

    • Awwww, that makes me happy to hear that you see that in his eyes. He is so energetic and not really a snuggler yet so I don’t always know what he thinks of me!

  3. I agree with Wendy, Doug has the look of love! <3 He looks more like Jake but acts more like Melvin, such a perfect combo.

    Funny how Doug is so similar to Melvin. Relic does so many of the same things that Maggie did, we've started to say that he's channeling Ghost Maggie. He peels tennis balls, picks at rope toys, shreds mail like a pro, plays shark face, demolition dog racing and indoor wrestlemania with Duke, plus has a chicken intolerance and biological warfare level farts. He's also Duke's very best friend! Funny how a 2 year old border collie from Wales takes after an 8 year old Puerto Rican street dog. 🙂

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