Where did we go?

This past week has been buuuuussssssyyyyyyy! Here a quick recap to explain our absence:

  • I was still in vacation mode.
  • We got house guests, two-legged and four. The four legger did not love Doug.  I’m not even sure she moderately liked Doug.  So it was gating and rotating.
  • I got a three-day migraine. Fun!
  • I fractured my hand. Doug was not responsible. My clumsiness reigns supreme.
  • My new work schedule started.  I now go into the office three days a week.

That last one has been the biggest change for me and for Doug. Not so much for me that there is a change to where I work during the day, but for me in that I worry how it will impact Doug.

What is worrying?IMG_3552

Doug has energy. We know this. When I’m in the home office, he keeps himself busy on various floors and rooms of the house. He plays with toys, he runs zoomies, he chews pillows (I can hear you, Doug!). He goes out back and runs more zoomies. But unfortunately, when I leave, Doug has not earned run of the house yet. He is still gated in the mudroom.

  • I leave.
  • He eats his Kong.
  • He repositions on his indestructible bed that had I to buy because he is, well, a destructor.
  • After an hour or so he wakes up and wants to chew. He avoids the toys and chews I leave him and instead chews the bed (fixed that), the rug, the legs to the indestructible bed.
  • Nap.
  • Repeat chewing.
  • Nap.
  • You get it.

So I set him up to have a half hour walk mid-morning and another mid-afternoon. I leave new Kongs for those visits. I check in on him to be sure he is behaving. IMG_3544

I have tried leaving him on the first floor in the house. I take all the pillows up. He ignores his toys and goes right for the couch cushions. Or the shag rug. Or the acrylic dining chairs. Napping in between each one. Why, Doug, why?

I would never eat these pillows, they feel way too comfy on my parts. IMG_3540

So this is what I have been doing for the last week, worrying and strategizing on how to make this work transition, easier for my boy. I’ve also been missing Jakey this week.  Oh grief, this week, you win.

We will be back to our regular blogging schedule next week! We have some meet and greets to tell you about.

Happy weekend!


5 thoughts on “Where did we go?

  1. We dog crazies really do struggle with “messing up” our pup’s schedule, don’t we? When I was inbetween locations, I was with Rufus almost all the time. Now that I’m trying to get a normal adult life again, I get so much guilt over the silliest things that probably don’t even phase him. Granted my old man literally just sleeps while we’re gone, but the feels are still so real. I feel your pain!

  2. I feel your pain! Swyatt has not earned the right to have free run of the house. He feels the need to climb on counters and if there is no food to steal then anything else will do. Its hard, I work all day and he is leash reactive so finding a walker to take him has been a pain. Lots of puzzles in the morning and evening and activities when I am home. I have found mentally tiring him out is working so much better than trying to physically exhaust him. Hope you guys find something that works for you

  3. Doug you are too cute! 🙂
    Once upon a time I would never leave Bundy inside for more than an hour, he was dreadful to toilet train and nothing was safe from his chewing obsession. He and Maxi were outside dogs with beds in the garage, no separation anxiety but there were numerous time we’d come home to remnants of his destruction. Now he sleeps a lot, either on his bed or on the lounge so if I need to I know I can leave him inside for several hours. As long as he gets his morning and evening walks he is happy.

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