Doug and other dogs.

I have not fully accepted that I have a dog that loves other dogs. No wait, I’ve accepted it, I just tend to forget. After years of having a leash-reactive-didn’t-enjoy-the-company-of-other-dogs-never-once-play-bowed dog (Melvin), and a hunter of ALL animals that were not Melvin (Jake), I still tend to go into oh no mode when we run into, are approached by or even set up playdates or meet & greets.

It’s been A LONG time, since I have had a dog that pulls towards other dogs in a good way.  In fact, I know the date, It was September 19, 2008. The day Max died. That is how long it has been.

Doug loves other dogs. Loves. He cannot get enough of them, even when they perhaps have had enough of him.

Sitting is boring. IMG_3615

I try to take Doug with me on the weekends whenever I can. 1. to dog friendly places so that he can mingle with creatures of his own kind and 2. to continue our training of don’t chew on human feet.  On the latter, we always ask for willing participants, we don’t just dive in!

We have met some great dogs on our travels, Doug has loved them all. We have met some dogs that were, despite their owners saying otherwise, not so well-behaved. Doug loved them all. We have had some dogs lunge and snarl and even attack Doug. You guessed it, after a brief WTF moment, Doug just starts to wiggle and wants to try again with them. He’s like a perpetually drunk, super fun, frat guy that you just can’t be mad at because he’s so flipping cray and now he’s leaping off the roof into the pool.

Laying down is boring. IMG_3595

Here is where Doug and I differ the most. He is an extrovert. I am not. Well, all the tests will tell you I’m 50/50 introvert/extrovert but Doug is 15,000,000% extrovert. Trust me, we don’t pull energy from the same social situations.

On our search for the next dog, we have a few things working for and against us.

Working for us:

  • Doug.
  • Doug.
  • Doug.
  • My willingness to meet and greet with any and all dogs.
  • Time. We are in no rush.

Working against us:

  • Doug’s unrelenting energy. He tends to bring out the worst in some dogs who otherwise would not play as hard as him as they are suddenly thrown into the ring of Doug doesn’t stop. Even when they beg for mercy, Doug still wants to play. We are still searching for the dog that will play, but then will stop and will communicate to Doug to leave them be and stop pouncing on me in a NO SERIOUSLY, STOP way.
  • My not wanting two Dougs. One is plenty.
  • Me realizing that the next dynamic duo in this house, won’t be Melvin and Jake. This one took a while for me to figure out. With each dog we meet, I am faced with knowing that the next two, no matter how much I want it or need it, won’t be like my little soulful, odd couple were. I accept this, the next duo should be who they are, wholeheartedly. But I’m human and I miss Melvin and Jake as a pair and well…it takes time.
  • Doug’s unrelenting energy, take two.

I like that we are meeting a lot of dogs and that Doug is getting to know his tribe.  When I brought Melvin home to Max, I didn’t have to really think about their lifetime together, Max’s time was short. When I brought Jake home to Melvin, I was brining Jake home to the dog that would love any dog that I did and a dog that would have the patience to tolerate Jake as he worked out all his demons. The dog we add now, well chances are good that Doug and that dog will have more than just a few years together. Chances are good they will have some growing pains as siblings and chances are, they will break some shit in their wake. I know this because no matter what dog I add, Doug will be a part of the duo. Doug brings the joy and the funk and some well deserved destruction to this life.

Starring out the window, looking for his next sibling…IMG_3565



15 thoughts on “Doug and other dogs.

  1. I love your posts and photos. Doug has such soulful eyes. Cant stop smiling as I read your post. I have my hands full with my two – it didn’t work out quite as I pictured it (my older lab loved to non stop wrestle with most labs….until she met Swyatt. She will not play with him. Granted he had no social manners when he came home. But four years later and she still won’t play with him. He is allowed to nap next to her but thats where it ends. LOL) but I love my duo for all their quirks. I look forward to you and Doug finding your match and new family member. The road there always seems to have lots of twists and turns but is oh so worth it 🙂

  2. Squee. I love this dude, hard. I think because he reminds me SO MUCH of a young Edi. We are so lucky that Tess is “the dog that will play, but then will stop and will communicate to Doug [err…Edi] to leave them be and stop pouncing on me in a NO SERIOUSLY, STOP way.” She actually got so fed up with him trying to play with her one day that she literally grabbed him by the throat (he’s twice her size) and slammed him to the ground until he calmed the eff down…which lasted about 10 seconds. Never once did I worry she was going to seriously hurt him. She’s perfect.

    While we’re definitely not rushing anything, the reality is that we’ll be a 1 dog home soon and we know we’ll need to get someone for Edi. While he’s super selective about who joins his tribe, he has successfully made friends! The thought is so overwhelming for the humans though! Thanks, as always, for sharing your experiences!! <3

    • You know that in a million different ways, I get you and I understand where you are. I guess I only really know this, stuff happens that we cannot control, we control the stuff that we can, and in the end, shit works out (even if working out doesn’t look like you thought it would at all!). We love you, hug Tess for us, and Doug sends some extra chest bumps to his frat bro E!

  3. Doug reminds me a ton of my last foster in Illinois, Teeny. Although she was leash reactive, she was RELENTLESS when she played with other dogs off-leash. She absolutely adored Rufus and he tolerated her the best he could. It’s kind of like you need to go in reverse – you have your wild puppy, and now you need your appeasing yet chill adult. Can’t wait to see who makes the cut!

  4. Doug’s style of play sounds much like widget’s – she cannot figure out why other dogs may not want to play. They stop playing and she walks over and pokes at them until they play more or get really upset with her…sounds like she and Doug could wear each other out! We’re also in the same general vicinity as you if Doug ever wants to try a play date!

  5. I see, hear, and feel you. You approach this in a way that I know many struggle with. You, my friend, are an inspiration. Just like Doug, and Melvin, and Jake, and Max.

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