You will recall that there is a feral cat in my neighborhood that I named Bob.  I feed Bob and I bought Bob a cat condo.  It’s comical, because I’m deathly allergic to cats, but Bob deserves for someone to love him/her and luckily, I am not allergic to love.

There have been several attempts to trap Bob in order to get him/her fixed and vetted.  No luck. So I have just continued to put food out every night. About a month ago I noticed that Bob was getting pretty chunky (no judgement) and realized that Bob was probably pregnant (still no judgment). In the past week, Bob has been very demanding about food.  S/he will loud meow (this is a very technical term) outside my window.  We have a little routine.  S/he demands food, I go outside to fill up the bowl while s/he hides, then when I go inside, s/he eats. Whatever Bob wants.

Bob looking ‘plump’. IMG_3814

This weekend, a neighbor found kittens on her deck.  Bob was watching them from the woods.

Bob’s a mom!

The theory is that Bob lives in the sewer.  She had her kittens there but when the rains picked up here, she moved them to higher ground.

A lot happened in the 24 hours following the kitten discovery. The kittens were taken into rescue.  They are about 3-4 weeks old. Bob was trapped and has been reunited with her babies.  She will continue to nurse them for a bit longer.  Then I will take Bob to our vet to have her vetted and spayed and microchipped to me. We will then introduce her to my backyard and garage (temperature controlled) to see if she would like to call it home. Due to my allergies, that is the best I can offer her. I’ll continue to feed her as long as she continues to come here to eat.  If it’s determined that Bob could be a house cat, then we would love to get her adopted out, but that is unlikely.  Bob likely prefers to be undomesticated. The kittens will be adopted out.

Also, her name is staying Bob. It’s part of her story.

Bob in the trap. IMG_4259 (1)

Reunited with her babies!

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  1. I would really love one of these…I think my crazy Josie would be so against it. Willa and Dylan would prob be open…but that darn Jo Jo…what to do…what to do…

  2. Thanks for saving Bob. We had a Bob. He was a HUGE orange tabby. One day he died unexpectedly of what the vet thinks was a heart attack. What was really unusual was that he died on his mom Rusty’s grave. My grannie cat Simon is a girl. When she was a kitten the vet said she was a boy so we named him Simon. Next vet visit the partner vet asks why we named our girl cat Simon. By then it had stuck. Technically she is Carly Simon but we just call her Simon. She is 18 and pretty much just fur and bones these days but she still loves a good sunbeam. We took in two kittens last fall and named the female Carly in honor of Simon. It is sad how many cats are thrown away. My Mallory was a stray I found in my apartment parking lot. She had kittens at the time and was pregnant again. What made it even worse was that she was declawed. Grrrr. Rescue took her kittens and I took her. She soon gave birth to her next litter (seven) and we found homes for all of them. Sorry, I just realized I am hijacking Bob’s story. Thanks again for saving her and loving her.

    • I was really surprised at how many local organizations there are to try and help the Bobs and Simons of the world but at the end of the day, they get euthanized if they can’t be integrated into a house or be lucky enough to become a backyard or barn cat. I understand overpopulation, but it takes on a different meaning when it’s a cat that you have taken into your life. Even if that cat runs from you! You can highjack Bob’s story anytime! I love it!

      • I am pretty sure I make “stray cat saver” pheromones. Grizzly and Sophie were two that showed up at a family reunion. We got checked into our cabin and here come starving momma cat (Grizabella) and her daughter (Sophie). Hubby wasn’t there yet so I told him to bring a cat carrier when he came down. Housekeeping people said Grizz had been there a few years and had several litters.

        Including Mallory, we have saved four momma cats and 33 kittens. That doesn’t include the ones we got to rescues.

        We have bottle fed a liter of eight who were born in my parent’s compost bin. Their momma was feral as were her previous litter of kittens. They went to a rural woman who would spay/ neuter and kept them in her barn.

        Another stray led my mom to her kittens that were two yards away. They all moved into the house. My parents kept the momma and found homes for those babies too. Simon was actually one from that litter. So many kitties. 😥

  3. Thank you for offering Bob what you can for a home! The fact that she’s stuck around for the food is promising! Her kittens are sooooo cute and I hope they find good homes too! Also, thank you for not judging Bob for her mating prowess. 🙂

  4. You have such an amazing heart! Thank you for caring for Bob. Love that the name is sticking and that her kittens are safe.

    • This story definitely feels like win! I’m really happy we were able to trap her and get her and her kittens to a safe environment for nursing.

  5. I really should proofread before I hit send as opposed to AS I hit send. For. the word is For. So, thanks for loving and taking care of Bob. 🙂

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