Pet Insurance and a Melvin and Jake’s Project Joy giveaway.

Neither Melvin or Jake were insurable. When I got them, pet insurance was different.  If a dog had a pre-existing condition, the dog was denied.  Now, the pre-existing condition isn’t covered but the dog still can be.  Let’s be honest, Melvin and Jake were walking pre-existing conditions.

During Jake’s last year of life. With the eye ulcers, the emergency eye surgery, the follow-up eye issues, the MSRP infection, the diaper rash, the cancer, the radiation and all of his medications, ointments and specialists (6) over that 12-month span, I paid out $25,000. This is not a complaint, it’s just a fact.

When I got Doug, I had already investigated pet insurance plans and had decided on Healthy Paws. I pay $30 a month. The annual deductible is $500.  Our plan reimburses 90% of accidental issues and illness.  Routine care and pre-existing conditions are not covered.

I just got our $5,000 check reimbursement for Doug’s surgery.  I cried. Whenever possible, I take a positive approach to life, even when things are dark and heavy, I try to see the light. It’s been a couple of dark years with Melvin and Jake both having cancer and dying.  That reimbursement check meant way more to me than money.

I deserved that break.

I have a great job.  I have a great family support system. I happily paid Melvin and Jake’s bills and I will happily pay Doug’s. But it felt really good to get something back from a health conundrum.

That said, we pay joy forward. So in honor of yesterday being ten months since Jakey died, we’d like to buy an Eddie’s Wheels Wheelchair for a dog in need.  Please share submissions of dogs who could use a cart (their name and story) in the comments below, on this Facebook post or email to  I’ll put together a little committee of folks who will help me pick the lucky dog.

Melvin and Jake love, lives on. Always.



5 thoughts on “Pet Insurance and a Melvin and Jake’s Project Joy giveaway.

  1. Trupanion was a life-saver for us with our cockapoo Grable, who we adopted when she was 9, was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma 3 months later, received a chemo/anti-inflammatory combo for a year, had thyroid problems, developed arthritis, cancer returned 3 yrs layer (another big surgery), and passed away in January. We couldn’t habe done it without insurance.

    Your page has helped me a lot during these months of grieving. Thank you for sharing your boys with us. ❤

  2. Your generosity and humbleness brings tears to my eyes. I love following your blog and your love and spirit of giving is nothing short of inspirational. Thank you so much for being you.

  3. What a kind generous and generous thing to do! Thank you for sharing your heart and soul with us all. ♥
    *with my ♥dog, Gracie, I had VPI….. that was a long time ago, when they were pretty much the only game in town (might have been one or two others but VPI had the most to offer). It was a good thing, a huge help! Now with Annie…. I struggle to decide which to choose….. I’d better hurry though, already we have Allergies and Anal Glands on the list of pre-existing…… don’t want to wait to see what the B’s have in store for us!

  4. You deserve that! <3 And you are amazing.
    I got Trupanion for Tess shortly after I first got her, and while insurance hasn't necessarily paid for itself, it is nice to have the piece of mind that I won't have to choose between paying bills and keeping her alive if it comes to it. The minimal monthly payment is worth it for us.

  5. We were so fortunate to have pet insurance. Our 7 pound Pomeranian once decided to go through a package of Icebreakers peppermint gum, which has xylitol. He was in puppy ICU for almost 3 days, and we went to sleep every night wondering if his little body would keep fighting or just give up. But there was nothing more reassuring than having the vet say “we need to do this, this, and that” and me being able to respond “do it” with no hesitation.

    The final bill was $2,600. His plan had a $200 deductible and covered 80% after that…within a week the insurance company had deposited $2,000 back into our account.

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