Quickie update

As per usual, it’s been a bit crazy here. Work’s been super busy, I had a hospital visit (I’m fine) and Doug has been doing his rehab and being generally cray (in a joyous way).  Also, Bob (the cat) gets spayed next week and will come back here to heal up.

As for Doug, we are now one-month post surgery.  It feels like much longer. MUCH.  Keeping Doug calm is like trying to stop rain.

On our last physical therapy appointment (guys – we are so in love with all the folks there!) they confirmed a looming suspicion about Doug’s ‘good’ leg.  That’s right, I put quotes around ‘good’. His ‘good’ leg is now showing signs of having a luxating patella (only a stage one at this point however I’d prefer a stage zero) and it’s also showing some signs of weakness from being his dominant hind leg for so long.  His hock tends to hyperextend.  (Again, I may or may not have that right. When someone mentions another problem, my brain goes into shutdown mode and information about any sort of situation is not permitted). For now, we measured him for a custom brace that is on order. Who wants to put money on whether Doug will eat the brace?

His new leg is doing good.  So there is that!

He’s still on limited activity. No running. No jumping. No steps. We go on three, 11-minute walks a day.  Yep, we added one minutes since last week, look at us go!

Here is Doug, loving so hard on his rehab harem.


We were not able to start water therapy because Doug has a yeast infection.  Of course he does!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  xoxo

6 thoughts on “Quickie update

  1. I was just wondering about Doug, I’m so glad to see he’s doing better. Bummer about his other leg, is it possible it won’t progress more now that his “bad” leg is fixed? I don’t know how these things work. A month man, I have to keep our two calm-ish for 3-4 days while the installers put in our new floors and I’m terrified. We actually may get them CBD oil, which apparently helps but I really picture them both doing a Cheech and Chong impression while STILL barking at the installers. I hope you and Doug have a wonderful Memorial weekend!

    • hahahahhah! I just had a flashback to when we had hardwoods put in at our last house. I had Max then and he was so sensitive to sound that he and I would leave everyday and just drive around. The things we do!

      • I’d totally do that but Kane HATES the car, like, shakes and stuff, Stormie would happily ride around alllllll day long, but she also barks a lot soooo yeah I’m just gonna drug em 😉

  2. Bless your heart and Doug, Bobette and her kittens. You, make this world a better place!! What you do for your dogs, alive and ones that have passed on (I only came onboard to your blog with Melvin and Jake) and now Bobette and the kittens are adorable and admirable!! Keep on keeping on, cheers and have a great long weekend.

  3. Looks like Doug is doing well with his pt! Hope the yeast infection clears up soon so he can get in the water. Ts and Ps that the brace does the trick (and remains uneaten!)

    Bless you for taking such good care of Bob too!

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