Two weeks of deja vu.

It has been two weeks since Doug’s most recent surgery.  It has been 14 weeks since his first surgery. Here are some updates:

  • We resume rehab next week. We are coming up on the original date that rehab should have been done, but now it’s almost like we are starting over.  Well, it’s not almost like we are, it’s more like we actually are. Thankfully, Doug LOVES rehab.  We call it Peanut Butter City.
  • Doug’s sutures came out today. That means NO MORE CONE! The funny part is that this go around, Doug actually loves the cone.  He has mastered sleeping on his back and having his head propped up on the donut cone.
  • Something is going on with his old new leg (the one he had surgery on first, from here on out we will call that leg Franken-leg-one) When he walks, his hock/ankle hyperextends (to an alarming degree).  The surgeon looked at it today and said it was either nothing (just the way he is compensating for Franken-leg-two) or something (I cannot tell you what he said about this part because I passed out from fear it requires surgery).
  • Doug’s current meds are keeping him pretty chill.  I’m not a person who believes in jinxing but I am still cautious to say that too much.  This go around, I have kept him strictly in the crate (not the pen) so I also think that has had something to do with him remaining calmer.  He is going to graduate back to the pen this week so we shall see.
  • Due to the previous bullet point, my vodka consumption has been that of a normal person.
  • Doug has also been super snuggly this go around. Just before he tore his other ACL, and he had been jailed for 12 weeks, he was starting to be stressed.  I get it, he had no idea why he was being held hostage. During that time, he had started barking at me non-stop (which was so fun and rewarding), and growling at the situation  (which I mean, what is better after a long day at work than someone snarling at you?). I am trying to do everything I can to make jail time more positive.
  • In relation to the previous bullet point, I fit in Doug’s crate with him.
  • Doug almost got a sister a few weeks back.  I felt like it would have been a great time since he would have only had a few more weeks of inactivity and by the time he was cleared to play, we’d be through the shutdown period of them being separated.  Then his other ACL snapped…

Here are some recent pictures of my little inmate:


And here is a photo of how Franken-leg-one hyperextends: IMG_5645


14 thoughts on “Two weeks of deja vu.

  1. Do you have video of Doug walking and what Franken-leg-one looks like then? It’ll be interesting to hear what the folks at PBC think of it. It’s possible that it could be due to loss of muscle mass…. though Doug still looks like quite the burly dude.
    Are you aware of the Facebook Group Orthodogs? Lots of really informed members who might be able to offer a new perspective on Doug’s Franken-leg-one or other useful tips to get you through.

    • Oh great! I will join that now, thank you! I do have video and I have sent it to the rehab girls. I think the issue is that, he was never hyperextending on this one before. He had hyperextended on FL2, which is why we ordered the brace, but FL1 was stable. He absolutely has less muscle mass in FL1 (and always has) so now that it has to be his dominant leg, its possible that it’s causing it to hyperextend. I got the sense from the surgeon that it’s worrisome, but not something he wants to rule on until we see how it goes once he is putting weight on both legs.

      • I think it’s probably smart to take a ‘wait and see’ approach. You two have had an awful lot to deal with in Doug’s hind quarters. As everything heals and strengthens the final result will show itself…. wouldn’t it be great if that resolved all on it’s own??? Easy for me to say, but try not to worry about it too much.

  2. Oh you are so funny…glad to hear he is on the road to recovery, spit my coffee out reading the bullet where the surgeon said something and you didn’t hear cause you passed out!!!!! Hope he continues to mend!!!

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