Prison life is boring.

I have never been in prison but I imagine its pretty lame. There is probably a lot of boredom mixed in with a bunch of chores, and a lot of anxiety about being shiv’d or raped.  Those last two are tidbits I learned from watching too much Law & Order SVU.

Doug’s prison time is just the boredom part.  He’s bored. I’m bored for him. And we have three to four more months to go.  Even though WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN F’ING DONE BY NOW BUT NO, HE HAD TO BLOW OUT HIS OTHER LEG TOO.

But I digress.

The update is, boredom.  His leg is healing nicely (from what I can tell). The gag factor from looking at it has gone from a 10 to about a 4. We had to put rehab on hold so that sucks. He’s still on pain meds so he is pretty chill. He was chill during this part last time too.  It’s when he comes off of the meds that he is intolerable hyper and hard to implement restricted activity.  That should be at some point next week when his staples come out.

Until then, it’s just a lot of staring at each other and him thinking I’m addicted to dog surgeries.

The day of surgery when he’s like ‘what the? She made me have another surgery? Thanks a lot Mommy Dearest. IMG_5588

Our cone game is strong. Since Doug eats them. IMG_5590

Gag. Gag. Gag. IMG_5601

A PSA from Doug: if you are going to do drugs, wear a donut.


That day I was at work and watching him on camera and thought the cone strangled Doug because he had not moved in four hours so I yelled BOO into the camera’s mic. IMG_5652

And in this NSFW photo you can see how nicely the other leg (the one closer to the floor) healed up and we are confident this one will too.  He should only be franken legs for a few more weeks!IMG_5669

21 thoughts on “Prison life is boring.

  1. Oh Doug! Glad to hear that the surgery went well and he is now in recovery mode part 2. My sister’s pittie is going in for TPLO surgery next week. I will have to send her the link to Doug’s antics once Z’s meds wear off because I feel like Z is probably kindred spirits with Doug when it comes to zooms and energy

  2. Quick question, will Doug be fully able to walk/run normally after both leg surgeries? I never had a dog experience so was wondering what he would be able to do?

    • That is a good question. I have been told that he will have arthritis in both legs, so I think in general it’s not going to be 100%. Doug is pretty young so we will hopefully be able to build his muscle mass back up but I’m thinking he’s probably looking at some level of diminished performance.

  3. thanks, I am one of those curious nosey people who worry about a lot and was wondering how he might fare. Arthritis is no joke either for him but since he is young, I am hoping he will get that muscle back, we know he will not be just sitting still. Give him a hug and let’s hope these next weeks are not so crazy when meds are no longer a factor.

  4. I have a feeling that Diminished Capacity for Doug = All most insanely active for some for legged friends. Continuing to pray for you both and my boy Smudge is giving me the kind of stare that says please tell Doug he has an open invitation to run away to our house for a visit any time day or night as he knows all sorts of ways to get out of cones etc

  5. Ouch…I remember too well the look of the surgical incision. Hope there is light at the end of the tunnel soon. Wishing you both peace!

  6. I’m always kind of scared at the way incisions look on dogs, I guess most people don’t care about dog scars but I mean, man they look brutal sometimes. Wonder if there’s much call for doggie plastic surgeons? Anyway, I feel for you and Doug (mostly you, do you own stock in a vodka company yet?). I’m hoping Doug heals well and doesn’t have any more setbacks. But geez man Doug, give your mom a break and stop injuring yourself! And stop scaring her by not moving for long periods of time, yeah I get it’s funny, but dude, stop. I totally think it’d be funny to dress Doug up as a prison for Halloween by the way!

    • It’s funny you say that because I was just chatting about how someone saw Doug recently and asked if he got in a fight. People used to chase me down when Melvin’s nubbin had a cast on it to yell at me for cutting his tail off (as a reminder, he got happy tail, it got infected and we had no choice). Totally different then taking the plastic surgeon approach to make it look better but scars in general just make people go to the wrong assumptions!

  7. Sounds like Mr. Doug will need lots of bone broth and turmeric in his life to help keep that arthritis away. Perhaps if you begged and baked brownies the vet will keep him on pain meds until he can be active again.

  8. Just chill Doug, give your Mama a break and stop destroying your cones because she will just replace it with another one. I see a lot of swimming in Doug’s future, he’d look great in one of those dog flotation vests 🙂

    • He loved the water treadmill and my parents have a pool that I would have love for him to swim in. But I think our hopes for an active summer for Doug are over. Next year though!

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