What to expect when you’re expecting.

For the most part, I hate FB targeted ads. Usually I will shop for something online, buy the item and then FB will start ‘suggesting’ that item (that I already bought) for weeks after. I mean it’s creepy enough that they know what I’m looking at but in most cases, I don’t need two washing machines or two dog unicorn costumes.

But every once in a while, they get it right.  Like when they targeted me for months with the U-shaped body pillow. The ad was via a video of all the restful comfy positions you can use the pillow for. At first I thought, that’s weird and eventually I got to I must have it.

I ordered it and it came and it’s as magical as the video showed it could be. It actually has been great for when I have migraines because, well because that pillow just gets me and I love it. I got it while Doug was on lockdown so he never really saw it. Until this weekend.

I brought it downstairs because I had a migraine and took refuge on the couch for a while. I should add, it looks a lot like a pregnancy pillow. People take one look at it and ask if I’m pregnant.

No. But as it turns out, Doug might be.

The migraine passed but the pillow is still on the couch (don’t judge me or my post migraine laziness).  Come to find out, the secret to getting Doug to calm down or chill out or snuggle, is the sight of this pillow. I kid you not, this unicorn of a pillow has magical powers over Doug.

The migraine day when he was like, wait, what is this?IMG_6943

What? Dogs can have migraines. IMG_6966

Go away, she’s mine now. My parts are all over her. IMG_6973

Can I marry her?IMG_6995

Can we get some privacy?IMG_7012


There is no way I’m ever getting that pillow back. Also, Doug is registered at PillowsRus and BuyBuyAllThePillows.


18 thoughts on “What to expect when you’re expecting.

  1. Bahaha – this is great. We were just commenting that Sandy is pretty good when she’s allowed in the bed. She calls right down. She actually put herself to bed onCe (which by the way, you IG stories were the best – keep em coming!). Sandy does not, however, understand the concept of relaxing anywhere else in the house.

  2. OMG..I didn’t think you could get funnier. This is hysterical!!! That doug is too cute. Thanks for a great laugh this morning!!!

  3. If I didn’t already adore Doug, I would after looking at these photos. He’s the kind of cute that makes my heart happy.

  4. Our youngest is wild child. One night we did game night with a group of friends at our house. She would NOT settle down, kept harassing everyone. I was chilly and grabbed this old pink fluffy blanket to cover my lap with. She immediately settled down and sat in my lap. Now all we have to do is get a blanket out and put our feet up in the recliner and she’ll either sit between your legs under the blanket or in your lap. For some reason big fluffy blankets = settle down. So yeah, I find myself under a blanket sometimes even though I don’t want to be just so her ass will calm down 🙂

  5. That is hilarious. You should talk to the pillow people and see if posting a link on your blog will get you any kickbacks for all the orders from desperate dog people. Doug could bring in some cash for his vet bills! lol

  6. Hilarious and oh so adorable 🙂 Bundy loves to nest on our pillows, he rearranges them to suit and promptly goes to sleep. Thankfully he can’t get on our bed without help so it doesn’t happen often. I often wonder if it is a combination of nice soft bedding and our scent that he finds so appealing.

  7. You two are the best. Yet again you had me in hysterics laughing . I tried explaining to my family in Rwanda what it was that I was finding so funny early on a normally quiet Saturday morning. Dogs here are not usually pets and the NEVER , again for the most part unless they belong to a white person or a dog LOVING Rwandan , spend a lot of time in the house and NEVER NEVER on the furniture . They still don’t get it but there were a quite a few wide grins . Doug you and your Mum need to make a road trip here to Rwanda and give a series of show and tells on the topic of how to properly care for dogs. 🙂 When are you coming????

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