Ch, ch, ch, ch, changes.

So many things have changed with Doug this year.

Prior to the surgery, Doug loved the vet. Now he does anything he can to remain in the car when we arrive. His tail is tucked from the moment he walks through the door to the moment he exits that same door. While I get that he had two situations where he arrived at a vet, fell asleep and woke up unable to walk/in pain, I can’t imagine he applies this to every vet. Sure, if he did this only at the surgeon I would understand.  But he does this at our regular vet also. For a dog with ADD, he sure has great memory and focus in this area.

I’d choose to be back in jail over going to the vet. IMG_6244

Prior to the surgery, he didn’t seem to mind the cold all that much, he has jackets and hoodies to keep him warm.  But now I’ve noticed that on colder days, he’s not nearly as mobile. He’s stiff and uncomfortable.  I know he has arthritis (there is no having what he had done and not having arthritis) and I have also heard that all the hardware in his legs could ache in cold temps. He’s not even two yet. Focus on the joy, stay positive. At least he can stand and walk!

Let’s move to Florida. IMG_2074

Earlier this year, Doug was doing great with meeting dogs. Then he got attacked by one (he ended up in doggie ER) and he became, less-good. During surgery restrictions, play time was not allowed. I noticed each time that we were at surgeon or at rehab that he was snarly at other dogs, even lunging a few times. I talked to a few people who said that can happen when a hyper dog goes on lockdown. So, I hoped for the best. Now, I am ready to add a dog (or two!) and Doug is still not doing great meeting them. Long gone are the days where I worried a dog could keep up with Doug (or that my house would collapse), now I just want one who he can co-exist with.

Remember when that dog wolverined my nose? IMG_3706

What I know is that he does not do well with dogs bigger than him. And females are for the most part, are not his favorite either. You know who he does well with? Male puppies/male younger dogs (and some male dogs that are smaller than him). Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? When will I have a dog that shares in my love of big, old dogs? When? No seriously, it is a question.

As it turns out, there are a lot of young dogs in our area in need of a home. There are a likely always puppies/young dogs available and I just never notice them as I go right to older dogs. Ideally, I’d like to add two dogs. I mean I entertain the idea of adding two younger dogs (plus Doug) and I’ll think I can do it and then about 20 min later I’m looking up definitions of insanity and they show a photo of someone with 2-3 young dogs.

Please give me a puppy to eat play with. IMG_7171



9 thoughts on “Ch, ch, ch, ch, changes.

  1. dog had similar surgery and multiple vet visits and complications, she still loves the vet, guess we are lucky. However they told me she had arthritis 1 week after the original injury and yeah she is really stiff at times, they told me glucosamine and exercise are the best, and it appears its true, although still stiff at times. She too has become snarly at other dogs, I feel it is related to her vulnerability with the leg, although it is 90%. Who knows, but honestly when she was younger like your Doug, older dogs put her in her place, and maybe she is doing just that with younger or hyper dogs! Your Doug looks really great and has been through a lot, he deserves a pass and the opportunity to be top dog for a while. Hope you find a comfortable companion for both you and Doug! Cant wait for that post. Love your blog!!!

    • Thank you so much for sharing this! I think he is due to be ‘top dog’ and I am sure we will find the perfect fit. I’m happy to compromise for him!

  2. Hi Tracy – Thanks for the summary of all the changes Doug (and you) have been through this year. One thought on the vet: do you ever just drop in to say hi, with mega-treats? Or if he can’t focus on treats when inside, just drive into the parking lot, share a hamburger, and drive home?
    On TPLO/arthritis: our vet put Habi on Dasuquan Advanced recently. It seems to be working: she’s markedly less stiff and more joyful. Granted, she’s 13 and had TPLO when she was 11, but despite her age, the difference has been noticeable. (I hadn’t had her on any glucosamine/chondroitin before this, other brands may work as well). Just wanted to report our success,
    Our sympathies with Doug and his canine preferences. The double-whammy of wolverine attack and lockdown may have left him feeling vulnerable, as lak suggests. Hang in there – the right buddy is out there. And adding two? You are certifiably insane!

    • Going to the vet for fun is a great idea! He used to love it so I’m thinking we can get back to that love. We do the Dasaquin Advanced also! We started that way back when the issue was just a hop here and there. We are looking into shots for him. I worry about the arthritis so young, but it is what it is so we will figure out the best solution! I keep reminding myself that no matter what, I love dogs. If I have to suffer through a few more teenage years, It’s def a 1st world problem! 😂

  3. “I’m looking up definitions of insanity and they show a photo of someone with 2-3 young dogs.” That would be my headshot, circa November 2010, no? 🙂 At that time, Emmett was 5, Lucas was 3, and Cooper was 4 months… It was, in fact, insanity. But it was also big, huge, tons of fun every single day! And when I was completely worn out, they had each other! Totally worth it, and I hope we can find ourselves with our own little pack again someday, too!

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