The update on Bob.

I didn’t want to share the update on Bob. The last time I saw Bob was late March. I started getting very worried and reached out via our neighborhood Facebook pages for folks to be on the lookout for him. There were no reported sightings.

I reached out to the Cat Coalition that had helped me trap both Bobs, and they sent word out to their contacts. Nothing. They thought it would be odd behavior for him to move on his own. I took that as they felt he was gone (in the bad way). They had other theories, that were very depressing. I blocked those out.

I called the shelter. Nothing.

I put up an outdoor camera to see if he was coming by at night. I only saw a raccoon. And even the raccoon stopped coming. Was the condo no longer a 5 star abode?

I still put food out, every night. I also cried, a lot.

I have spent my whole life allergic to cats so I have never really had deep feelings for any. I basically saw them as a health threat. But then I rescued Bob’s mom, Bob(1) and she was a total bitch who hissed at me and pretty much terrified me on a daily basis but for whatever reason, I got her. She stopped coming by shortly after I took away her reproductive rights.  That seemed fair.

Then Bob’s son, Bob(2) started coming around. And he was sweet and gentle and he stared into my soul from the bushes. And after his man-parts were rendered inactive, he still kept coming. And I bought him condo after condo and the best food and when I saw him in the driveway I would run out and put his natural flea and tick preventative drops in his food to try and give him the best chance at joy. And he’d let me get pretty close and that was close enough because the ER bores me.


I mourned my boy Bob for several weeks. I  had come to love a feral cat. I couldn’t believe it but I was a cat person. Well, a dog person who happens to have a feral cat that they are allergic to but that is pretty much the same thing. I kept putting food out, and some nights it would disappear and I was a little hopeful, but also just glad some creature was being fed.

Yesterday, I got an alert on one of the posts from FB that a neighbor (who knows Bob) said her husband had seen Bob in their yard and he even drew a photo to show what the cat looked like, and as the cat mom of Bob, that IS BOB!


Could it be true, my cat Bob is alive and back???!!!!! Then another neighbor saw him and hot damn if I am not a crazy cat person again who in fact does not have to deliver the news of Bob(2)’s death!

Bob is alive! And Doug could care less. And yay for JOY!!!! All is right in our world.

11 thoughts on “The update on Bob.

  1. I love that you have spent more time, money and love on a cat that you “don’t own” than some spend on their actual pets. You bring me joy! ❤️

  2. YEA BOB!!!!!!!!: Thrilled for you . Sorry Doug I know my boy Smudge cares your feelings but for your AMASING Mum we CHEER YEA Bob!!

  3. WOW, don’t you love it when you are happily surprised! So glad to hear BOB is well and out roaming as feral cats do. Love that you now love a cat. I had one when my son moved back after a divorce with a cat that was supposed to stay in the basement. Needless to say, since I work nights the cat was up with me all night, jumping in my lap and begging for petting. Of course I was secretly afraid of the cat. Soon I would wake up in the afternoon and her head would pop up from the foot of my bed and she would just purr at me. I grew to LOVE “mere kitty”, a shortened name for come here kitty. She was a wonderful companion. I too never thought a cat would enter my life, and look at this I am writing about her 14 years after she has gone. So glad for good news from you. How is the possible Doug sibling situation coming?

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