An update from Dizzy Doug.

Hey interweb people! You out there? It’s me, Doug E. Fresh Holupka (that just rolls off the jowls, doesn’t it?)!


I’m giving the update this time because no one knows better about me than the Doug! OR is it no one knows better about the Doug than me? Anywho…

  • My beautiful body got more beautiful. Most people can’t look at me without being like ‘ohhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddd, he is SOOOOOOOO incredibly handsome!‘. I just nod, because I am.
  • We still have a stupid cat named Bob. boooooooooooo bobbbbbbbbbb!
  • I have a dizzease called urinal polaroid lips and fish and noses (Neuronal Ceroid Lipafuscinonsis). I guess it’s called a dizzease because it makes me verrrrrryyyyyy dizzy. Like whoa, what’s happening, why is the room spinning or is that me spinning and then I’m not sure so I fall over or off or into something. (S)mother always catches me though, so that’s pretty cool.
  • We go to the dogtor a lot. It’s fine, I love the car. But (s)mother cries almost every time. I am not sure what that is about. Maybe she cries because no one tells her that she is ‘the cutest’ or ‘the most handsomest’.
  • She calls a lot of people about me. And she emails a lot. And she reaches out to people of DogBook and InstaDog. She has connected with a couple other (s)mothers who have dizzy dogs so I guess that makes her feel a little better? Or a little worse at first, then a little better? Being a mom must be very confusing. I wonder if she is dizzy too?
  • The other night one of the InstaDog ladies who has a dog like me told her that her dog no longer recognizes familiar faces. (s)mother read that, then threw her phone on the ground like it was on fire and started crying. The type of crying that is hard for me to watch, like when I first came and she would cry about Jake being gone. She was sobbing and saying something about how she would break in half if I ever forgot her, And if I forgot her, would I also forget about all the joy.  And I wanted to howl: MOTHER, THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN, YOU ARE A PART OF ME, YOU CANNOT BE FORGOTTEN BECAUSE YOU ARE IN ALL OF MY MEMORIES. I TRIED TO TELL HER WITH MY BEAUTIFUL EYES. I COULD NEVER FORGET HER. THE JOY IS WHO I AM. But she was still very worried about this part so then I purposely fell off the couch to snap her back to the here and now.
  • Does anyone out there know what ‘be careful’ means? These are the words she says the most and I don’t know the meaning so I just usually fall over right after she says it. Does it mean fall over or crash into things? Because if so, I am doing it right!
  • She bought me a new bed and a blanket that gets hot and I love them more than food.


I mean I guess that is it. Mostly our lives are about me being dizzy but not really about that as much as about chasing joy while dizzy. It’s possible, trust me. Hope everyone out there has a great weekend!


the doug.

12 thoughts on “An update from Dizzy Doug.

  1. Oh Sweet Doug! I Understand momma’s tears….becaause I sit here trying to message you and can’t stop the tears! I love you just like I did your brothers Melvin and Jake…i can’t explain it to you but you are like my adopted family! These things that are happening to make me so sad….i hope that we all get to spend lots more time together…please hug and kiss Momma for me and my fur babies! Take care and be careful!

  2. Thanks for the update, buddy. The crying is probably just love-crying. I don’t even get dizzy, but Mom wants to cry because love for me overflows from her sometimes. Oh, also, I know what BeCareful means. Around here, every time Mom says it, the robot vacuum runs me over. So watch your back. Those robot vacuums can be wily.

    Love and licks,

  3. Dear Double D : Smudge here . How do you like your new nick name . Every Stud Muffin needs a cool nick name . Doug is an OK name but Double D is just………….

    Any whoo : FINALLY on Monday we gets to put your LOVE package in the mail . Maybe you can teach your Mum how to blow bubbles with all the Bubble Gum she is getting

    Any way just wanted to say I quick HI while Mummy is diug what ever it is when she is not taking care of Me cos life IS all about US!!!!!!

    Any way Love ya Buddy

  4. Your momma is a strong person and you are very lucky to have her and her to have you. Sending good vibes out your way and healing energy so you can both get through this.

  5. Doug, take care of your mom. You mean the world to her. I’m glad she found other pet moms to talk with her and give her support.

  6. Doug and Doug-Mom. Love is such a precious blessing. And it’s never lost. It’s always with us, in the memories and experiences we carry with us. Love has so much joy and sometimes sorrow within it. What a big, beautiful experience that makes live so worthwhile.

  7. Thank you for sharing with us, Doug. You truly have the best mom ever. The two of you were destined to be together. ??

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  8. That bed is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the update. Some think that memory is carried in every cell in our body. I am a believer of this theory. I have seen people with head injuries, brain cancer, Alzheimers who have lost most if not all of their memories; however, many of those close to them can still instill a sense of well being by touch and smell. With the sophistication of a dogs nose, I would think that smell would trigger a remembrance like no other. Memory or not….LOVE TRANSFERS, and that is something you and Doug have an abundance of! Sending you both a virtual hug!

  9. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read this so I did a bit of both. You are definitely a handsome chunker Dog, Bob is ok even if he is a cat and be careful is something we dog mums say even though our dizzy/senior/conehead dogs can’t understand – it makes us feel better 🙂
    Love and hugs to you all.

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