We had our neurologist appointment at BVNS this morning and the Dr. was wonderful and delightful.  He did a full history and exam of Melvin and then we talked about causes for his symptoms.  I was sort of hoping they would say let’s watch him and come back in three months but they decided they would rather spend the day with my boy.

He is having a chest x-ray, MRI and spinal tap.  I am confident that it will show nothing.  So confident that even though we discussed the fact that it could be cancer I did not cry.  I only cried when they talked to me about his being under anesthesia.  My theory is that I don’t have to cry about cancer because he will not have it, however he will be having anesthesia and that always worries me (in people and animals) so that was worthy of a few tears. Melvin was his usual joyful self.  He loves being at the vet and he tried to pay in kisses (if only that currency was universal, we’d have credits everywhere!).

When they find no cancer they will start leaning more towards tic born disease, which the spinal tap may even help with.  I’ll keep you posted!


5 thoughts on “Neurologist.

  1. I love your outlook on life and Melvin. You make me want to be a better and happier person. Sending good thoughts for you both! Love and hugs!

  2. Hugs to you (and Melvin)! I, like you, tend to believe that if I do not believe it will happen, it just won’t. So…I also choose to believe that it will not be the C word…or the “TBD” words (tick-borne disease)…but rather, a random thing that will never occur again. Sound good?

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