This week marks the four-year anniversary of becoming a one dog household.  I’m so happy to be in a place where thoughts of Max make me smile and where the weight of missing him versus having had him are perfectly balanced and thus I am balanced also. He is my angel dog, my heart dog, the dog that taught me how to love unconditionally.

What I’m most surprised at this week is the four-year part.  Not in regards to it feeling like four years, anyone who’s lost someone (two-legged or four) knows it always feels like just yesterday plus a lifetime since you saw them last.  What surprises me is after four years, I’m still a one-dog household.  Part of that is Melvin and all the issues we have overcome. But those obstacles (and money) aside, the real reason is that I’m pretty content with just Melvin.

I want two dogs.  I’m constantly searching for the next dog.  In the same breath, I don’t feel a void having only one. The other over-riding issue is that generally speaking, I’m allergic to chaos.  I proclaim to chaos, “you cannot stay here, be gone!”.  I do calm and even though things regularly get out of hand the way life tends to do, I get us back to tranquil. Anyone who knows me well will tell you, I’m the Zen in the room.  You can bring the crazy but be prepared for me to simma ya down now. Thus some days,  two dogs feels outside of my comfort zone. Like bedlam would win, that maybe I can’t rule that roost. And the only real issue that remains after admitting that is: I want another dog.

Maybe I should get treatment for my split personality first.


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  1. I feel the same way! I am always looking to add another four legged member to our family, but then again I am so happy with just Nola. Plus, only having one allows us the chance to foster others! I’m sorry for your loss with Max, he looks like such a handsome boy!

  2. I’ve never been one to have more than one dog and then things changed and we got Dottie. And, I can’t imagine life without my furry pair of pups. However, I’ve learned that depending on what’s going in life it’s OK to have just one or even two or three or four. A responsible pet owner knows what’s right for them and that sounds like you.

    On another note, Max was a gorgeous dog. Thank you for sharing that photo of him, I’m sure he was one of a kind!

  3. Max!!!! You can tell from the expression on his face and the way he’s carrying himself in the photo that he was one in a Maxamillion. Such a sweet spirit and old soul. I think that when the right dog comes along for you and Melvin, it will just feel OK and you won’t worry about the chaos. Any dog would be SO LUCKY to land in your home.

  4. Ok, I could have EASILY written this exact same post word for word. I am so chill, and Rufus is so chill…and Alex is so chill. Life is so “easy” as far as routine goes, and adding a new dog would at least shake things up for awhile. However, I am actively searching for a second one haha. We are being very picky and taking our sweet time, so we’ll see. I will say that even though I miss fostering, I’m ready for a second forever dog to really bond with and for Rufus to enjoy permanently. We shall see…

    P.S. Max looks like he was full of love 🙂

  5. I thought 2 dogs could be chaotic back in the day but 2 ain’t got nothing on 3 and life would probably feel very Zen if we went back down to 2. I imagine my life being full of hearing pins drop if I ever have only one dog again. 🙂

    I think a lot of adding to a family has to do with it feeling right. One is right for a lot of people. It never felt complete to us but that’s us. Three, for the record, does feel insanely crazy to me most days. But then they start playing 3 dog tug of war or all cram together on the same dog bed and I know that our family is the right size for us for now. That’s going to change throughout our lives and I’m sure the number of pets will wax and wane.

    I also applaud you for taking the time to work with Melvin. We’ve made the mistake of adding to our family before our resident dog’s issues were fully under control and that has contributed to some of the crazy.

  6. You seem to pick dogs who have so much mischief in their eyes! Max seems like he was a wonderful dog! As far as being a two-dog household, it can be chaotic at first, but honestly, when it’s just Turk and Rufus, they are relatively quiet. It’s adding a third in the form of fosters that invited the chaos. But then, I’m French, and we adore chaos! 😉

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