Friday with Melvin: She’s flying a kite

Yo, yo, yo — it’s Melvin time! It’s Friday and you know what that means? No really, do you?  I have no idea what Friday means, I’m a dog and all the days are the same to me.

We live in the northeast so it’s what She refers to as fake fall.  It’s still hot but some hours are cool.  Apparently the real fall, the one She loves, occurs when She can put her boots on and not sweat to death.  Whatevs.  Fall is a bit rough on me cause I’m allergic to mold so I’m a bit itchy at the moment.

Anywho, She is home today because she wants to fly a broncho kite-is.  I don’t know what kind of kite that is but She has a weird voice and is making a honking noise at night and it’s been keeping me up.

So we are sitting outside on this lovely fake fall day and She is working and I am figuring out where to lay my beautiful body down.

This spot is cool but I think this view is what prison must feel like…

I guess this is marginally better but it still feels like punishment…

Oh yeah, this is how Melvin rolls…

Happy fake fall peeps!

4 thoughts on “Friday with Melvin: She’s flying a kite

  1. OMG – I also can’t wait for real fall so that I can stop sweating to death!!!! LOVE the photo of Melvin on the deck chair. Leave it to him to find the most cushy seat available!!!! And why am I not surprised that your backyard is as gorgeous as the rest of your home?

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