Pumpkin and poop. But not Pumpkin Poop. Well maybe.

I’m sure that many of you know how wondrous pumpkin is when it comes to our dogs.  If they have the trots, pumpkin can firm that sh&t right up.  If they are constipated, boom, pumpkin fixes that too.  I don’t know how it works but it’s a canine digestive super food.

It does something else too.  For those of us you  OK fine, us, that have a dog that likes to…eat their poop (why people?  I mean seriously, why?  I read the same things you do that says eating poop is different to dogs than humans view it… uh, gag). I digress, where was I? Oh right, if your dog loves the taste of crap, adding pumpkin to their diet will make their own poop taste disgusting (more disgusting ?) and they won’t eat it. Now they might still eat the delicious poop of the dog next door if that dog does not eat pumpkin, can’t help you there.

I’m not a doctor (officially), speak to your vet about this stuff but here is how it works for us.  Jake gets a heaping teaspoon with every meal, and he has not eaten his own poop since we started this.  Amen.  Melvin, who happens to be allergic to pumpkin (of course he is) still gets a little in his meals also.  Melvin has colitis.  The treatment for his colitis is to take Metronizonale (which negatively affects his liver).  Pumpkin does the same thing and the side effect is a little itching.  Liver damage trumps itching so I opt for pumpkin (just one of the many decisions I have to make on his behalf but I feel really good about this one).

Also, when you run into an issue with…stubborn diarrhea (yeah, I just got chills too), Honest Kitchen makes an AWESOME product call Perfect Form.  It’s all natural, a powder, and you sprinkle it on their food for a few days and boom, issue resolved.  Of course that is if the poop issue is dietary indiscretion, some poop issues are much more serious and you should always see your vet if it last for more than a few potty breaks. (seriously take my advice with a grain of salt, your vet always knows best).

Happy pooping  weekend!

I used to eat poop.  But now I don’t.  That makes me even more sexy, hey ladies.  IMG_1433

8 thoughts on “Pumpkin and poop. But not Pumpkin Poop. Well maybe.

  1. I am ROTFLMAO! Only someone who has been through those same issues can truly appreciate what you’re dealing with. I wish I had some great miracle for you but we take our triumphs in small steps! Right now, I’m very blessed to have 2 dogs that are relatively “normal”, but sister, I have been there! I applaud you for your patience and love of those 2 dogs and people say that laughter is the best medicine, so we might as well laugh about it.

    I hope the issues are getting better and I hope you can have a relatively peaceful, poop free holiday! Hugs to you and the boys!

  2. I have this same horrible eating habit in my house. I agree with you, gross, I don’t get it, but nevertheless, it happens. Can you tell me what kind of pumpkin you are using. Is it just canned pumpkin from the grocery store? I also have a husky who has IBS and I’m thinking this could help with that as well.

    • Hi Colleen, yes, canned pumpkin (I should have mentioned that!). Be sure it’s 100% pumpkin (the pie filling looks similar but it has sugar so that’s not it). I opt for the organic variety, but only because the organic variety does not turn the poop orange. With Jake, that’s an issue for the house. I order it bulk from Amazon so once you see if it works for you, can try that too. (Also, Melvin is much bigger than Jake so he gets a tablespoon, which might be the amount for your husky).

  3. We might have to try pumpkin again, our girl has recently (over the past week or two) decided that her brother’s poop is, once again, delicious. Last night after checking over her shoulder twice to see if anyone was watching, she decided she was going to indulge in his fresh leavings. Fortunately I WAS watching and screamed “no!” at her before she succeeded. She looked at me sort of ashamed but I know the second she gets the chance she’ll do it again. Ugh, disgusting habit that we thought we had gotten over but she likes to prove us wrong a lot.

      • She’s SUCH sneaky dog, same dog ate half a pan of enchiladas off the kitchen counter a few weeks ago. She left my fiance’s half of one he hadn’t eaten, then looked at him like “well I DID leave yours alone”. Thankfully she’s our “healthy” dog, if it had been my boy who had done it there would be poop for eons. Unfortunately he’s beginning to think he doesn’t have to behave either since she never bothers to.

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