Christmas is my favorite holiday. Like times infinity.  There are really no words to explain to you just how much I love Christmas.  It’s not the gifts (although I won’t reject them!).  It’s about family coming together and being present.  Just being, in the moment.  Sitting on the couch, in our jammies, no one even knows where their cellphone is.  Those people (and dogs) on that couch, that is my meaning of life.  That is all I need.

I am very fortunate, which means Melvin and Jake are fortunate too.  Anything they need, we make sure they get.  But because of that, because they have unique needs like allergy monitoring and wheelchairs, because the things we do to keep them healthy, raw diets, speciality treats, a million beds for Jake to pee on… because they have what they need, at Christmas, they don’t get gifts (from me) (they don’t  realize this so don’t tell them).  Instead, we give to those in need in the dog’s names.  We pop over to shelters and make some donations, we donate to fosters, we take gifts around to neighborhood dogs.

So our wish for you (regardless of what you celebrate or don’t), is that you find yourself on the couch surrounded by the things that bring you deep joy.  That you get and that you give.  That love overcomes you, in the best possible ways.

Merry, merry and happy, happy!



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