Then and now.

I know the life Melvin had before me. His humans would leave for work and put him outside in a fence-less yard. He would roam the neighborhood. He would get picked up by animal control. Repeat, repeat, repeat. It’s a miracle he was never hit by a car. (Other, not so great things happened to him in that life but we won’t dwell on that here). Due to his being an outside dog, once he came to live with me and experienced the warmth and coolness and comforts of the indoors, he has never really been a dog who will go outside alone.  I can’t stand at the door in an ice storm and get him to go potty, I have to physically walk outside with him. I get it, he’s afraid a door behind him will close. Door is always open here my love.

The only thing I really knew about Jake’s previous life was that there were two dogs and he was not the chosen one. His lab brother would get taken everywhere and Jake would sit at home, alone, for long periods of time. When he first came to stay with me, he would sit for hours, in the same spot.  He was so conditioned to wait, that he he’d do it, even when we were sitting right next to him.  He eventually stopped waiting and got up and moved forward.  Also, and this is just a hunch based on the bed that he brought with him from his first home, comfort was not something that family felt dogs should experience.

He takes full advantage of comfort here.  FULL.  Like he doesn’t even care if you are comfortable or not, dammit he will be!  I really like that about him.

Ahhhhh, I love sprawling out my parts on my this couch. IMG_1750

I know this is Melvin’s bed but he has this furry insert that feels so good up against my sexy body so I’ll risk it to be in here. IMG_1918

I love laying on my right side and staring at Melvin’s sweet-smelling bum-bum. IMG_1873

Now to the left next to my the fireplace. IMG_1869

I read that royals have feet pillows so thus I shall have feet pillows too.  IMG_1672

I know you said you have a stomach ache but your stomach is so comfy so I will lay upon it and you will let me. IMG_1615

(Ok, so this one does not scream comfort but his legs gave out under him like this and well if you don’t laugh you’ll cry so I of course had to take a picture, and laugh some more.)IMG_1709

Rub my belly woman. IMG_1455

This does not need a caption. IMG_1327

If you think I’m sexy and you want my body go ahead and tell me so. IMG_1065

7 thoughts on “Then and now.

  1. Jake is just to cha cha for words! Just love him! And I’m sure underneath all his self love he knows how blessed he is to have you.

  2. My hubby has this “thing” where he wakes me up to ask if Im slerping. I’d probably do that to Jake just because i couldn’t keep my hands off him!

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