When we found out Melvin was sick right through to today, there have been so many people who have lifted me up (and held me there). From the phone calls I made first, to the ones that showed up that night, to those who checked-in on me and Melvin daily, to the ones who were there when I let him go (no words can covey my love for these two), to the ones who showed up that night (and held me through the worst, deeply raw moments) and every night since.  My parents, my family, my close friends…I will never be able to thank all of them properly but I will always show up for them through all of life’s ups and downs.

All of you reading… you all inspired me and kept me going and wrote beautiful emails and messages and comments. Some of you even called and/or sent me your phone numbers in the case I needed anything.  You sent cards, and gifts and love. You sponsored dogs and paid happiness forward in Melvin’s honor. Infinite love!  I’m so, so blessed and so grateful for you all.

Then there were a certain four girls who I have befriended through the blog (and our love for dog items).  Four girls (two of whom I have met in person and two that I have not) who reached out constantly, moving me with their thoughtfulness, their words, their deep empathy.  Girls who could be my sisters.  As I work on ways to thank everyone for all they did, I knew that one way to thank these four women was to try to include them in this getaway.

So I reached out to them. And we figured out how to make it happen. They are coming in from all the US time zones.

  • Two of them, the two I’ve met before, we’ve lost four dogs – together.  It’s not a club you want to join but these are the people you want next to you.  Over the past few years, we have encouraged each other forward. We’ve celebrated so much also.  I love these two.
  • One of them, that I have never met, we live parallel lives. Her with her boy and me with Melvin. She is a game changer for fostering and rescue. I spend a lot of time in awe of her.
  • The other woman who I’ve never met, not only is she one of the most generous and talented people I know, she is the very first person I reached out to when I was coming up with a plan of how to pay joy forward in Melvin’s name (more on that in a few weeks). She inspires me.

All of these women, are my heroes.  Caring, loving, beautiful, strong, and all crazy about dogs and rescue and joy! In a few hours they will be arriving here… and my heart feels full! Jake has no idea what he is in for, all he knows is that it’s hot here and he finds it very easy to nap.

That’s called vacation little buddy! IMG_4158 IMG_4148

6 thoughts on “Visitors.

  1. You ladies are going to have so much fun and probably shed a tear or two as well.
    Have a great googly good time. All five of you are inspirations.

  2. It is great you have such understanding loving friends. You are all very lucky to have each other for those very difficult times. Every dog owner has had them and every dog owner deserves a pack of humans to help them through. Your pack sounds amazing. Hope you have a wonderful time of remembering and love.

  3. Friends are one of the most precious gifts in this life, aside from taking a nap in your furrbaby’s furr…You girls have a fabulous time!!!! Enjoy the cool tiles Jake!!!!

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