A funny thing happened on my way to change the name.

Here is the truth.  Seeing Oh Melvin regularly has made me sad.  The cause for all the ‘ohs’, I miss them.  I was not expecting Oh Melvin to remind me of what I can no longer hold. But when I went to change the name of the blog last weekend, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t will my hands to delete the title or add a new one!  It’s still a string that still connects me and Jake to him.  And us three to you all. And, since launching Melvin’s Project Joy this week, Oh Melvin has felt more right than it has in a few months. It’s funny how spreading some joy can heal you.

I had every intention of changing it to ‘…into my life you came’.

I do think it will eventually change. If a new dog miraculously wins Jake over in the short-term, I’ll figure out a way to jam his (or her) name into this sandwich.

I did update a few things!  The tagline and the menus, and content within the menus. So there was forward movement!  We need to claim any and all baby steps that we can!

I’ll leave you with this photo of Jake from this weekend.  Melvin used to take breaks from Jake, in the closet with the door slightly closed. Jake would eventually find him. For the record, this photo does not make sad. I’m pretty sure Jake can still see Melvin in there. He sat there for over ten minutes, it was less about looking and more about finding. In fact the more progress Jake makes, I think Melvin is guiding him. And that makes me happy.

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  1. Yay!! I would have gotten used to the new blog name, but I am overjoyed that for the time being it will remain the same <3

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