Migraines and visitors.

Where did this week go?  I was down for two days with a migraine.  I used to write about how awesome Melvin was on migraine days.  That dog could hunker down in my bed and wait out even the longest migraine.  He in some ways, loved that I was down for the count!

Jake is no different.  Well he is a little different in that he’s a meatball maker and I get pretty nauseous/sick with migraines so the moment I get one I pray he holds off on in-house production.  But like Melvin, if brought up on the bed or couch (Jake’s version includes 10,000 layers of blankets and pee pads and a double diaper), he will pretty much stay there until I say it’s time to join the world again. Dude will even skip meals, even though I would never make him do so.

His impression o f me with a migraine.IMG_6083 I treat him with fire time. IMG_6091 You better yet? Just checking if we are eating today. IMG_6086

After we healed, Princess Tutu came over for a visit!  Her first question when walking in was: Is Melvin still in Heaven? Me: Yes.  Her response: Ugh, enough already, he should come back!  Me: Yes!!!!!! Then she needed to do an exam of Jake’s eye to be sure she felt it was healing properly.  Then they had a kissing fest and we watched a Barbie movie.  All was right in the world!

IMG_6100 IMG_6105 IMG_6099

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  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better! I just started getting the occasional migraine this year and boy do they suck! And mine aren’t even the kind that knock you out…I feel for you, girl.

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