Happy Birthday, Melvin.

Tomorrow is Melvin’s 14th birthday. I honestly cannot think of anything more delicious than a 14-year-old Melvin.

I am far more happy that he was born, than sad that he died. I carry him in my heart every beat, every day. He and I remain perfectly and beautifully connected. He continues to make me a better person, and he continues to remind me to choose joy.

As his birthday is approaching, I have been talking to him a little more lately. Just reminding him of all the little things that I love so much about him. And he responds back, in songs on the radio, in beautiful sunsets, and in love.

When Melvin was here, the one constant every day was that he would make the big bed his own while I was at work. Every day I would make the bed, and every day Melvin would ‘make it better’. When he died, seeing the bed untouched by him each day, was really hard.

But last night, Melvin sent a hello, via Doug.

Doug is not allowed upstairs when I’m not home. But yesterday I accidentally left the gate open. I came walking into the bedroom, took one look at the bed, lost my breath for a moment and then felt so much Melvin that I tear’d up realizing how blessed I am to have so much love and beauty in my life. Melvin is always watching over me; he is my original joy.

Last night…

IMG_2700IMG_2701IMG_2702IMG_2703 2


Pictures from the past…

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Happy Birthday, baby! I love you!


7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Melvin.

  1. Love this. Made me tear up. I keep seeing dogs that look like my Sophie….thankfully all owners have humored my need to run over and say hi. Happy Birthday Melvin! I hope you are enjoying yourself on the rainbow bridge

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE those photos of beautiful Melvin…also love the “hello” from Melvin via Doug!!!!
    What a couple of beautiful dogs!

  3. What a wonderful gift for you. I absolutely share your view that those we love who are no longer with us in person will send us messages to let us know they’re still with us in other ways. Thank you for sharing your experience. I hope that it gives others comfort and reminds us to be open and aware to the signs around us.

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