Super Kindergarten.

It’s the end of the school year, kids are gearing up for no more school, summer break and graduations.

Not my kid though, Doug is being held back. He’s going into Super Kindergarten/summer school.

Doug’s healing is slow going. In fact, we have had a bit of a setback. His knee has a lot of swelling and it’s pushing his kneecap back out. To be clear, back out is the wrong direction. Also, on a separate issue, one of his TPLO pins is cutting into his bone a little.


Awesome, right!?

At our appointment last Friday they called me into a room.  Nothing good comes out of being called into a room. The surgeon said that we should cut back on activity for four weeks. Cut back on activity? What activity? Please explain yourself. What he was saying, as my soul was screaming NOOOOOOOO, is that Doug should not progress right now. We should not increase or change anything for four weeks. That adds four weeks to our total recovery time.

That would take us to 20-24 weeks.  Otherwise calculated as five to six months.

We are at six weeks now. My guess is, that come two months, Doug will be strategizing how to make wind chimes out of my bones.

He is a prisoner in a world that won’t let him run. Or jump. Or do stairs. Or run. Or run some more.

He’s most definitely planning my death.

We followed up our surgeon appointment with a therapy session.  We were hoping to start water therapy but with the activity setback, therapy will need to be low-key for the next four weeks.  They put some numbing gel on his knee and did some laser work.  I wish there was numbing gel for my hopes and dreams for Doug’s summer.


He’s still super adorable though!  And trust me, there is a death stare under the doggles. IMG_4496

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8 thoughts on “Super Kindergarten.

  1. Oh man Doug! Come on buddy straighten up and heal already! I saw your Facebook post and was hoping for good news. He is totally planning how to make windchimes with your bones. Bob’s probably willing to help in that endeavor as well. I hope Doug starts to show more improvement soon!

    On a side note, you always have such awesome rugs, dog beds, etc. Do you have a any suggestions on rugs? We just got new floors, my boys been doing fine until this morning when he tried a spin move in anticipation of breakfast. He ended up starfished out on the kitchen floor and couldn’t/wouldn’t get back up on his own. My husband had to lift him onto a towel to get him started again. Scared the crap out of me but he didn’t hurt himself thankfully. So yeah he needs a few scatter rugs for traction and your house always looks so nice!

    • Oh yes, Jake used to do the same thing! I get a lot of my larger rugs from (daily sale site that has great prices). I have always put rugs in front bowls, due to dripping water and Jake’s mobility. I ordered modern looking door mats (light grey/waterproof/still looks good) from Amazon. Always gave Jake good footing and collects water well.

      Carpets all over used to drive me a little bonkers! i finally settled on yoga mats (solid grey) for Jake. They are easy to clean and they provide the most coverage without having rug after rug. I ordered a roll of it from amazon and made him runways!

      • but the garbage man no longer had anything 2 talk about with his coworkers when u stopped throwing out rugs!!! Bet he was saying that eventually there was gonna be a dead body rolled up in 1!!! Lol

  2. So so sorry to hear about the set back. I know it feels pretty daunting just imagining this long recovery and having to SLOW Doug down. Believe me, it will end. I had several setbacks with my girl after extensive surgery…her leg was so swollen that we were at the vet twice a week for a few weeks straight, they really did not want to go back in and drain this knee. I kept my fingers crossed and sat on the floor with her a lot. Prior to her injury we were waling 4-5 miles a day 5-6 days a week. A big change. That was over 1.25 years ago and her leg is at 90%!!! The recovery looks long in front of you, but it really will become a blur. I hope you can enjoy some downtime snuggling and gentle play with Doug!!! Wishing you both all the best.

    • Hearing this helps so much! It is always awesome to hear that it can be done and that the other side of this time is GREAT for them! Thank you!

  3. Oh no! I was hoping for a positive update. Ts and Ps the extra 4 weeks goes by quickly and it helps speed up the healing!

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