Sweaters, beds and bow-ties! Oh my!

Melvin’s birthday weekend consisted of a lot of walks followed by a lot of snuggle time, just the way he likes it! Melvin got his usual birthday gift,a new bed, and both dogs got matching Tiennot’s sweaters!  Our dearest Emily from Our Waldo Bungie sent along a gift with this order, matching bow-ties!!!!  Yay us!!!  Let me be clear, we LOVE our Emily and our Tiennot Knit Sweaters.  The boys each have their own ‘closet’ due to all our adoration!

During the sweater modeling session you’ll notice that Melvin tolerates the camera (he’ll do ANYTHING for a treat).  Jake on the other hand finds the camera to be terrifying  horrifying scary (and treats don’t really make up for the fright of it all), as seen in the second photo (and many of the others)….

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New bed for the stud!


Twins! (side-note: I was not pointing a gun at Jake. I don’t even own a gun.)


Lesson learned: turtlenecks accentuate head size.


Me: Jake, face the camera.  Jake: No.


The Birthday boy!

IMG_2761 IMG_2762 IMG_2770 IMG_2775


There is a very good chance that Jake is in a witness protection program that I am not aware of.

No photos of them in their bow-ties YET, but just you wait, they are a-comin!  We LOVE you Em &  Tiennot Knits!!!!  Thank you!!!

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