Thank you.

A few things I’m thankful for (from Melvin)…

Food, in any form. Even the cupcake I found in the field that had ants all over it. Ants are delicious.
The big bed. Not the little bed that she proclaims to be so awesome. The big bed, it’s mine when she’s gone.
My new fenced in backyard. The one I refuse to go out and enjoy unless a human goes with me. I’m no dummy.
The orange ball that dispenses treats when I push it around the room. She calls it crack.
Kongs. Gimme, gimme!
The dish washing apparatus that cleans the orange ball and Kongs of all my crusty slobber.
Acorns. Num, num.
The nice smelling spray she cleans my acorn throw-up with.
The words ‘wanna go for a ride’.
Hitting the open road, windows down, fur blowing. Who cares that I sometimes try to jump from the moving car when I see a squirrel. Or a cat. Or a random man.
The nice smelling spray she scrubs the side of the car with that cleans off my slobber marks.
Dr. Cleeland at Great Falls Animal Hospital. She heals me.
Laura and Vasha, my awesome Wooofies dog walkers.
When Grampy lights his cigar and gives me ‘the look’. Boys only walk, yipppeeee!
Every scent in God’s great earth. Even the gross ones that make her say ‘how can you sniff that, you’re disgusting’.
Cats, num. num.
Other dogs, snarling and growling is fun and foaming at the mouth tickles!
The jars all over the house that magically refill with treats.
Her. The one who saved me. The one who shows me love and forgiveness. She lights up when she see’s me. That’s pretty cool.

Here are some photos of me from Thanksgiving. As you can tell, I’m pretty popular.

Head to tail.

There are three things to note about this photo:

1. Melvin’s new Sirius Republic collar – they have 1 to 2 inch widths available and too many awesome patterns to count! They also offer an engraved name plate or you can go with having your dog’s name embroidered. Get yours now!!!

2. Melvin thinks he owns this house, and that chair.

3. Many of you have mentioned that there have been no pics of Melvin’s new, shorter backside. I’m not sure that was on purpose but when I finally set out to snap photos of his bum, it felt… dirty.

When he jumped up on his throne this morning I realized this one photo could cure all three points.

Please don’t milk the dog.

Melvin loves people. I have complete faith in his intentions, they are kind and tender. He would never nip or bite anyone that didn’t nip or bite him first; even then I think he would opt for peace. That said, he pretty much views people, especially children, as bowling pins and he is a bowling ball of affection. There are times when he seems to really, really want to make it 100% clear that he is madly in love with someone in his path and to do this he will knock said person down (again, all in the name of love), pin them down (in his opinion standing on top of someone is the best delivery) and lick them and slobber upon them until they beg for mercy. If they pass out from the weight of him, he will lay upon them, just so they know they are not alone. They will still ‘feel the love’ when they come to.

If I hold him back from the above, which I do for anyone under 140 pounds (or anyone dressed nicely), he will moan the likes of Chewbacca. Today, upon him making this noise, I was asked the following question by a six-year-old:

“Is he a dying cow?”