It appears that at some point in life (pre-us), Jake had some sort of spinal injury.  We don’t have any details on that but we do know now that from that, he now has spinal cord scarring.  I saw the area on his spine that has the scarring when the neurologist showed me his MRI.  At the time, the theory was that area was either injury, scarring or cancer.

Since Jake showed no improvement the last few weeks on medication, we have ruled out current injury.  Since he did not deteriorate drastically, we are ruling out cancer.  That leaves scarring.  In this scenario, injury would have been best, but scarring is way better than cancer.

So this is our new way of life.  Jake’s legs are pretty good about 75% of the time and not and not good the rest of the time (of his awake hours).  It’s likely he will stay this way and that we can anticipate an eventual, yet hopefully gradual, decline over the course of his life. We are going to try rehab.  They don’t anticipate it will help but since it won’t hurt, I’d obviously like to TRY.

It’s all good.  One of my favorite sentiments is that (and I’m sure it’s an actual quote but I’m not sure of its exact wording)… The hurdles and twists and turns in the path, are in fact, the path.  I have always tried to remind myself and others that come good times or challenging times, this is your life, don’t forget to live it!  So we have leapt into Wonkyville, made Jake the mayor and plan to make the very best of our time here!

When Jake’s legs go out now, he just lays down for a bit.  If his legs start sliding out from under him, he props himself up against a wall. From Jake we learn, ‘if you stumble-make it part of your dance’.  I love that dog.

Here is a photo of Jake being super-stylish at the neurologist and two others of the brothers…

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New awesome stuff.

The boys got some new Sirius Republic collars (shocking I know!) and some super cool snoods from Sirius also! (Thank you, SR, WE LOOOOOOVEEEEE YOU!)  To be fair, Jake’s neck is growing (in his sixth year of life) so I have to replace some of the collars I already have for him.  Fear not, we are OF COURSE donating his too-small-collars to dogs in need!

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Also, our dog walker is a crazy talented knitter and has made Jake (Melvin’s is coming!) a new sweater!  She sent me the photo middle of the day yesterday and I had to laugh.  For a nano-second I swore I could hear Jake singing: ‘won’t you be my neighbor’.  I’m so in love with it, it’s like a blanket!

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Do something.

Today, in honor of MLK day, let’s all do something.  Promote peace. Be a voice for someone (or something) who can’t speak up for themselves.  Don’t look the other way, instead, decide to stare something down – bullying, ALL forms of discrimination, cruelty of ANY kind.

The key to a better today, a brighter tomorrow – is us. Do. Something.

The boys of course are going to nap, but it’s on a couch with a ‘peace’ pillow so there’s that.