Are you there Sandy, it’s me, Melvin.

Apparently someone named Sandy came over.  I never saw her but you don’t have to meet her to dislike her.  Boooooo Sandy!  Here are a list of my grievances with you lady…

  1. Sandy must have stood on the roof with a fire hose cause every time I had to ‘go’ I got soaked.  I tried to turn back and go inside but She kept telling me to go potty.  I gave Her my best ‘but I can go potty in the house look’ but She was not buying it.  I also learned a new set of words that I still don’t know the meaning of which include “Hurry up” and “don’t let a tree fall on you”.
  2. The raincoat She put on me was useless, it was as if I was in a pool, water came at me from all sides.
  3. Sandy was very, very, very, very loud and I think the tress were pretty upset about it also cause they were doing some dance that must have been their way of saying ‘go away Sandy, you’re too noisy’.
  4. I was scared.  I mean I don’t usually get scared but every noise Sandy made sounded hurtful to me and worry set into my bones and soul.  I paced and climbed up into Her lap whenever possible.
  5. I had such a tough time sleeping through Sandy’s torturous visit that I spent most of the night standing on top of Her as she laid in bed. She tried to get me to lay down but my legs were locked.  If Sandy had shown her face to me, I would have poop’d on it.

We got some water in the basement and a roof leak but all in all She says that this is the worst storm the house will probably ever face so we did pretty great!  Hopefully all our friends in the storms path (including but not limited to Nola, Mazzie, Moe, Heidi, Nemo, Melanie, Annie & Paul) are OK.

Our prayers go out to all those impacted by the storm.

Don’t make eye contact with Sandy, she seems mean.

Sandy vs. the Mudroom.

One of my favorite things about this house is the mudroom.  Not just because it houses all the stuff I just HAD to buy for Melvin but because no matter what we face out on a walk (mud, rain, snow), I can bring him into the mudroom and make him houseworthy.

In preparation for Sandy, the beverage refrigerator is stocked with plenty of adult beverages.  The spare bedroom is made up (no trees on that side of the house).  A bathtub is full of water (just in case, although Melvin thinks it’s a giant drinking bowl) and frozen food is being cooked as I type.  There are plenty of shows downloaded to the iPad and after I push ‘Publish’, I can check blog post off my list.

Most importantly, Melvin’s raincoat is hung up in the mudroom and the mudroom is ready for Sandy.  One door out to the yard, one door out to the garage — that means we can go out for bathroom breaks one way or the other.

Friday with Melvin: Me likey comfort.

Hey, hey, Melvin man here!  I heard that She posted a story about how I mess up my our Her bed everyday.  Uh, if by mess up you mean make it better, then yes indeedy I do that! I don’t get the whole ‘making the bed’ concept.  I think the bed is best when not made.

Listen, I work hard.  My day is long and it’s my job to lay on every surface in the house.  When I get to the bed and it’s made, I have to drag all the stuff around to make it layable upon.  It’s called overtime and yet I have not seen a salary increase in four years.  I should probably strike.

Last week she went to see her brother’s new house and she packed up some soft stuff to take over to him and her sister-in-law in the case they couldn’t find their sheets right away and needed to make (why people why?!) their bed.  I got sorta worried when the big box of fluffy stuff got carried out, but after some investigation I realized it was extra stuff so we were I was good. When she came back with the fluffy stuff and put it at the bottom of the step, I said ‘thank you, don’t mind if I do’ and I hopped on in.

What?  Is this not for me?


Fall has always been my favorite season.  Most of the reasons are related to fashion, in fact prior to rescuing Melvin, every single reason to adore Fall was purely superficial (and trust me, I’m fine with admitting that!).  But now, Fall is not only my favorite season but also the most important season in this household.

Melvin’s intense allergy season is March/April to Oct/Nov.  By intense I mean that despite the shots, the pills, the baths, the prescription food and the vet visits, his allergy issues remain at a noticeable level.  Long gone are the days where he itches until he bleeds but there are still plenty of days that he will try to gnaw on his paws until they are raw (of course I don’t let it get to that point).

Our saving grace, the day I dance and sing and twirl and act like the craziest damn gypsy on the block, is the day of the first frost.  From that day until spring hits, my boy is what some might call, normal.  I mean we still can’t drop any food on the floor but we can take him outside without the promise of a baby wipe bath afterwards!  Now if only fake fall would hurry up and usher in the lower temps.  This week it’s supposed to be friggn 80 degrees.  Oh Mother Nature, if we ever meet…

This picture has nothing to do with anything except adorableness. And yes, he tried to exit going forward: