Friday with Melvin: Her.

Hayyyyyyyyyyyy.  Melvin man here.  I’ve been pretty busy itching lately, the chillies make mold and then me has the need to scratch, scratch, scratch.  Anywho…

I don’t remember much about my life before Her.  I think I lived outside.  I know I scratched a lot.  The first week I was at her house I was surprised she let me stay inside, all day.  I even got a bed.  We spent a lot of time at the vet that week, ‘figuring things out’.  At one point she got the broom out and I thought “oh no!! not her too” and I fell to the ground in fear ready for the pain and I even pee’d a little.  But no pain came.  She threw the broom in the basement and came back and brought me to a calmer place.  She did the same thing when I’d freak out and try to death the hangers.  Eventually, she would give me a treat each time the broom or hanger came out.  Now, I nap through those things.  I guess looking back, she was training me to feel love.  That was nice of her.

Fast forward today and I think she can read my mind!  I love that about her. Like now, with the chillies, she knows I’m going to be itchy.  How in the world…?  And the other day I had an ear ouchie and she took one look at me and knew (she said it was the blood but I don’t know what that means and I think she’s being modest).  One of my favorite things about her is when we are at the vet and she has the money dispenser out and she says ‘you need to get a job’ to me. HAHAHAHAHAHHA, dogs can’t work silly!!  She’s funny.

Bottom line.  I love her. I love her.  I LOVE HER.  I must be near her.  I must bark if the brown truck man comes because I am afraid he will put her in a box and take her with him (can you tell the brown truck man comes a lot).  I like the big bed, cause she is there. If she says ‘be right back’ I go with her, seconds feel like years to me!

I love her, even though I can tell she is planning something…

Happy Anniversary, me.

Five years ago today, uninvited blood clots filled my lungs (I like to start posts with a bang!) and I was not really expected to make it (spoiler alert — I survived!). Every day since, I have celebrated living.  I find the happy.

There’s a saying that God doesn’t give you want you want, he gives you what you need.  In the same way I needed Max to teach me unconditional love, Melvin entered my life at precisely the right time.  I needed him and his wacky, exuberant approach to life to move me forward.

Life can be messy, complicated and hard.  Say ‘screw that’ and seek the joy, find it wherever you can and celebrate the hell out of it!  Melvin style!  And then surround yourself with the BEST parents, most awesome siblings and when possible, people with the last name Costa!

Very Wordy Wednesday: MIA

Where has the time gone?!  Life has been a tad crazy lately. Work is way too busy, football season kicked into high gear (although someone forgot to tell the Redskins), I have a west coast trip coming up and then general life rigmarole!

Saturday morning, the one day I had to get about a gazillion things done before life got really cray-cray, Melvin decided we should bond more, at the vet.  My poor baby woke up with a pool of blood under his head (and of course my first oh so logical thought was that someone murdered him.  Even thought he was moving around just fine.).  Four hours spent at the vet and all was fine.  He had a cyst on his ear flap that we were watching.  It was a benign growth that we were just keeping an eye on.  During the night, it “hollowed out” and the vet’s exact quote was “people are always shocked at how much blood can come from one of those buggers”.  To this I say, damn straight.  They shaved his ear, cauterized the spot and sent us on our way.

That is how parenting goes. It does not matter if your child has two legs or four, when they need medical attention, you drop everything and go and them being fine makes undone errands seem A-OK.

Some photos of the patient…

Friday with Melvin: She’s flying a kite

Yo, yo, yo — it’s Melvin time! It’s Friday and you know what that means? No really, do you?  I have no idea what Friday means, I’m a dog and all the days are the same to me.

We live in the northeast so it’s what She refers to as fake fall.  It’s still hot but some hours are cool.  Apparently the real fall, the one She loves, occurs when She can put her boots on and not sweat to death.  Whatevs.  Fall is a bit rough on me cause I’m allergic to mold so I’m a bit itchy at the moment.

Anywho, She is home today because she wants to fly a broncho kite-is.  I don’t know what kind of kite that is but She has a weird voice and is making a honking noise at night and it’s been keeping me up.

So we are sitting outside on this lovely fake fall day and She is working and I am figuring out where to lay my beautiful body down.

This spot is cool but I think this view is what prison must feel like…

I guess this is marginally better but it still feels like punishment…

Oh yeah, this is how Melvin rolls…

Happy fake fall peeps!


This week marks the four-year anniversary of becoming a one dog household.  I’m so happy to be in a place where thoughts of Max make me smile and where the weight of missing him versus having had him are perfectly balanced and thus I am balanced also. He is my angel dog, my heart dog, the dog that taught me how to love unconditionally.

What I’m most surprised at this week is the four-year part.  Not in regards to it feeling like four years, anyone who’s lost someone (two-legged or four) knows it always feels like just yesterday plus a lifetime since you saw them last.  What surprises me is after four years, I’m still a one-dog household.  Part of that is Melvin and all the issues we have overcome. But those obstacles (and money) aside, the real reason is that I’m pretty content with just Melvin.

I want two dogs.  I’m constantly searching for the next dog.  In the same breath, I don’t feel a void having only one. The other over-riding issue is that generally speaking, I’m allergic to chaos.  I proclaim to chaos, “you cannot stay here, be gone!”.  I do calm and even though things regularly get out of hand the way life tends to do, I get us back to tranquil. Anyone who knows me well will tell you, I’m the Zen in the room.  You can bring the crazy but be prepared for me to simma ya down now. Thus some days,  two dogs feels outside of my comfort zone. Like bedlam would win, that maybe I can’t rule that roost. And the only real issue that remains after admitting that is: I want another dog.

Maybe I should get treatment for my split personality first.



When I saw Melvin on his rescue site, it was the deepest of all loves at first sight.  I knew instantly, even though the rescue site didn’t really believe in all that instantaneous stuff. When I met him, done and doner.

To be fair, he was probably not all that adorable to other eyeballs.  His hair was wiry and tended to fall out in clumps. His skin was the brightest pink I have ever seen skin be.  He had scabs…even to this day people ask, do you shave his stomach?  No, he lost that hair and it never returned.

Fast forward to today and apparently I need to get insurance on him (a la the way Jennifer Lopez insures her butt).  First the blog following (the best of all the bests), then the calendar (holy wowzers are you freaking kidding?),  and now he is featured on the home page of our dog walking service!

Woofies is not just any dog care service, they are one of the best-of-the-best in all of the universe! Washington, DC metro! They are huggers (dog and people). They know dogs and they understand pet owners.  I mean they really know and understand. I couldn’t do dog parenting without them, they are more of life partner than a service. Oh yeah, that’s right, I’d marry them!  Check. Woofies. Out!