Happy Birthday, Baby.

Melvin’s birthday is over the weekend so this post is early but we celebrate birthday week so who cares!

From me: 

Happy Birthday, Melvin! Nine years ago you came into this world and even though I have no pictures of you before the age of three (when you came to be mine), I imagine that the person who was there watching your litter come out, smiled extra when they saw you. Gianormous head, even bigger paws!  Spirit as bright as the sun.

I love you and all your parts and all your moments.  I love that you pull me down the path of life, that you do not believe in dull, that you persevere.  I love that you still run like a goofy puppy, that you light up at the site of your family, that you do not dwell on your past.  I love that you lean into me, often at the very moment I need a reminder of what matters.  I love that you love Jake in your own special way (which has translated to him still being alive).  Thanks for that one!

You are one of the greatest joys of my life.  I hope you feel my gratitude for that, every moment of yours.  I love you my Melvin man!

  From Jake:

Your butt smell delicious.  I love you.  The end.

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Heart dog.

Heart dog.

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The one.

I never thought I’d love another dog as much as I loved Max.  I thought, he’s ‘the one‘.  The one that will always own my heart.  Then came Melvin. Never have I  been through so much with a dog. His joyful existence and soulful ways, they stole me.

He’s the one.  I mean I can’t imagine I could love another dog the way I love him.  He has taught me a love I didn’t know before.

Then I look at Jake.

I think all along I’ve had this whole thing wrong. The one may not be the dog.

The one, may be the Love.

It’s where you put your heart’s load. It’s the bond that you can’t imagine being without.  And that love, is supposed to move and grow and leap.  It doesn’t take away from those that came before, in fact I think it represents them, it carries them on.

Six years ago, although I didn’t realize it, it likely went a little like this in my heart: Melvin, this love I’m giving you is Max love, it’s crazy powerful and happiness inducing and well I can’t NOT give it to you because well the universe took Max but gave me you and this love, this love needs to go on and you deserve this love, you have left your own mark on this love. This love, it’s yours now. It always was, it always will be.

And I probably did the same thing unknowingly last year, with Jake.

You have a dog and you love them and you give them your love and they are meant to feel it, to fuel it, to nurture it, to own it and then, in a way, to give it back to you as they go. I can say with absolute certainty that in my last moments with Max, he communicated two things to me with a single glance.  I know you love me and I need you to love this way again.

That one love, is infinite.

I’m not sure what inspired me to write this post.  I think a little of it is that Melvin is turning nine this weekend and I have started accepting that the lighter color fur on his face, is in fact gray.  I think it’s also because, when I look and Melvin and then to Jake, my heart is full.  And when I think of Max, the love is there still.  How lucky are all of us that THE LOVE goes on!

We’ve started therapy

Jake started obsessive-butt-sniffing physical therapy.  We have an AWESOME Dr. Krisi that comes to the house and does laser and acupuncture on the chicken nugget.  So far we have had two sessions.  I am not sure if we are looking for improvement.  If we see an improvement, great.  If we are giving him a chance at legs working for longer than if we didn’t do therapy, even better!

Jake seems to love all things therapy related.  He gets to lay on the couch.  Check.  He gets laser treatments and falls asleep, check check.  Acupuncture means even more rest and relaxation.  He’s probably faking the whole spinal scarring thing.

I won’t sugar coat it, his legs remain unsteady. He knuckles on walks and comes home bleeding.  I am working on a solution for that (if you saw my search history on Amazon you would probably pee yourself).  There are times he has a hard time ‘holding #2’ from bed to door in the morning.  Then there are the moments that you just have to laugh… like the other day when I looked over at him and I’m not even sure how, he was eating dinner and pooping at the same time.  Life is like a frat house to Jake! As for the accidents (they are certainly not all the time), what can you do?  You clean-up and move on.

Here are some photos of the spa therapy treatments.


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Laser, also known as ‘lean on Dr. Krisi like you own her’…

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And some photos of the socks I put on him post-bleeding one day.  Notice that I even vet taped them so they would make it look like we were celebrating Christmas in February stay on.

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