Allergy season.

Fake winter is over.  We had about two inches of snow that lasted all of one hour before it melted.  Whatever.  Now it’s time for fake spring, where it goes from cold to burning hot in a matter of nanoseconds.  The trees bloom so fast they have no other option but to blanket the area with allergens.

When I rescued Melvin he came with a sheet of paper from his allergy testing.  It listed out everything in the environment that he was allergic to.  It was very specific.  The type of tree leaves, the various grasses, the range of mosses and other plants.  I’m not sure why they expected me to do with the list – I mean if we walk down a sidewalk and he wanders into a patch of grass, I’m not going to be able to tell if that is one of the forty grasses he is allergic to or not. He is pretty much allergic to it all.

Melvin spent this weekend with a paw in his mouth, gnawing away.  I call this ‘gnaw-paw’ season.  We’ll get though it (with the help of some baby wipes, baths, and lifestyle changes).  And not to be outdone, Jake opened his eyes to fake Spring on Saturday and they were bloodshot.  My first thought was ‘wild Friday night?’ but the vet confirmed it, googly-eyes has allergies also.

4 8 13a

Can I put my paw back in my mouth now?

4 8 13b

My eyes are as red as my drumstick.

4 8 13

Let’s roll around in this and get real itchy.