Recent happenings.

I found the poop emoticon stuffie and bought if for Jake (since he loves pooping so much) and I’m a little alarmed at how much he loves it. If I say ‘go get your poop’, he does it.IMG_6454 (1)

I like to take photos that capture Jake’s giant neck waddle.  Again, to remind folks, Jake has the same size neck as Melvin had.  Jake is 33 lbs and Melvin was 82 lbs.  Same. Size. Neck.IMG_6470

The sun went away for three days and Jake was so emotionally tormented that I started calling him Debbie Downer. IMG_6405

This is Jake with Frog (I know, I know, creative naming just comes so naturally to me).  The thing about Frog is… 1. Jake loves Frog more than he loves me. 2. Frog has been with us for 2.5 years, that is proof that Jake has tic-tac teeth.  Sometimes Jake shakes and attacks Frog and other times I feel like I should put on Barry White music for them. IMG_6390

Jake joined me in the office the other day.  Made my heart happy. IMG_6478

Jake got an early Christmas gift (the pouf he is laying on) and he pulled the furry blanket down from the couch (that just happens to match) on top of him because he is not a big fan of experiencing first world problems. IMG_6433